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Samsung Instinct Mini Officially Revealed


Samsung have officially revealed their Instinct Mini, otherwise known as the S30. The phone is the follow-up to the original Sprint Instinct.

The announcement was first made on Samsung’s Korean site.

The big official unveiling is expected to take place at the International CTIA  2009 Wireless Convention in the next couple of weeks.

The Instinct S30 was first spotted in the wild way back at the beginning of March, but it took until the end of the month for Samsung to confirm that the S30 was a replacement, not simply a compact version of the original.

Along with the touch screen there will be the same GPS, EVDO Rev.A and Bluetooth of its predecessor.

Source: SlashGear

NYC, The Second Coming

When I get back to London I’m going to enrol in a basic comprehension class. As I’m sure all of you with IQs are probably aware, the iPhone is out next month not this month. I’m perfectly happy to prolong my stay in NYC until July 11th. Just throwing that idea out there…

We went to the cinema on Tuesday and saw this advert for the Sprint Instinct.

It’s a clever advert, but they’re still doing the “We’re better than the iPhone, honest” thing. No, you’re not.

Sprint – iPhone Obsessed, Missing the Mark

Sprint’s cheesy $100 million advertising campaign to back the Samsung Instinct is pretty tragic. Gizmodo has done a good analysis of the adverts but, in brief, the adverts focus on things the Instinct has which the iPhone does not. It’s a classic advertising technique; highlight the failings of your competitor whilst bigging up your own product. Sprint seem to have ignored the fact that the iPhone 2.0 will be released in a matter of weeks and is expected to ‘fix’ many of the weaknesses featured in the adverts. Sprint look like one of those women who post insulting stories and pictures about their exes on the internet, but fail to mention that their ex is now going out with a stunner… and that they got fat.

Why aren’t Sprint making adverts like this one anymore?

While we’re on the subject, here’s another classic: