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LG Mini GD880 – New Browser Supports HTML 5

LG has confirmed the Mini GD880 will support HTML 5 in their new “Phantom Browser”, the first time it’s been reeled out by the Korean Manufacturer.

The new HTML mark-up language is being hailed by many as the future of the web, with Steve Jobs recently citing this as the reason why Apple aren’t bothering to make the iPhone and iPad Flash-compatible.

LG reckon that their Phantom browser is much faster and more stable than other mobile browsers, allowing up to 10 windows to be open at the same time and although it’s not an Android phone (the Mini still runs LG’s proprietary S-class OS) it stills supports a range of Google’s apps such as Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Latitude and Buzz.

Other specifications we know of so far are a 5 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, FM Radio a 3.2”touchscreen and a 3.5mm jack.

A neat additional feature is Air Sync – which updates all of your phone’s data to a PC, over-the-air, so even if you misplace the handset, you can get access to all your essential files.

The LG GD880 Mini is on sale later this month across Europe.

Source: Gizmodo