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Nokia’s Mobile World Congress Lineup Arrives Early?

We’re yet to even pack our socks and dongles for the trip to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2012, and already handset names are leaking out ahead of the annual phone symposium…

This time it’s the turn of Finnish phone maker Nokia, with PocketNow apparently grabbing a list of their runners and riders…and it seems an even operating system spread.

Two Windows Phone devices are touted in the form of the Nokia Lumia 900 going global and an entry-level Nokia Lumia 610, whilst S40 keeps the developing world turning with the Asha 202, Asha 203 and Asha 302.

Rounding out the list is apparently a full-touch reboot of the Symbian-powered Nokia N8, dubbed the 808 Pureview.

Whether truth or falsehood, we’ll not have long to wait…

Via Recombu, image via Mobile Choice

Nokia X7 Now Available On Three: Symbian Smartphone Set To Supplant Nokia N8

The Nokia X7 is now available to purchase via the Three website, as the Finnish manufacturer’s stylish and striking device marks revitalised efforts to promote their beleaguered Symbian smartphone platform.

Now buffed up to a sheen as Symbian ‘Anna,’ the Nokia X7 also boasts a 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen, an 8-megapixel camera with a dual-LED flash and HD video recording, as well as Nokia Maps-powered GPS and turn-by-turn voice guidance.

“Not much that can’t be handled by a vanilla Android phone,” you may say. “True,” we may reply, but the Nokia X7 also comes equipped with 16GB of memory out of the gate as well as a futuristic and angular form, with speedier browsing and a new feel to the operating system.

Benefits from shacking up with the data-chomping network include a wi-fi hotspot app on the device called “3Spot,” enabling Three consumers to connect to laptops or other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

The sad news is that the refurbished Nokia N8 released back in October of last year may well be reaching the end of its days with Three, with the shiny new X7 said to take its place in their smartphone line-up moving forward.

Pricing sees the Nokia X7 available from just £30 or £35 per month on The One Plan with unlimited data and 5,000 texts, whilst the prepay option is a slightly more weighty £379.99.


MeeGo Tablet Demo Gives Glimpse Into Nokia’s Touch Phone Future

Whilst the shortlived Maemo platform was an insight into Nokia’s plans for high end devices, a short demonstration of their new MeeGo operating system – developed in conjunction with Intel – is an impressive display of their evolution with touch interfaces.

Despite still being in a pre-alpha stage, this demo of Meego running on a tablet shows a clean, smooth, responsive multi-touch interface, capable of combining multimedia with messaging content laid out in well defined customisable bands, as well as multitasking with ease.

A little expansive for a mobile phone perhaps, but elements from Maemo and the Nokia N900 are still very much apparent – multi-tasking and the media player layout in particular – and would be welcomed back in a future, more compact form.

Nokia’s Symbian platform is still showing signs of strength and is the choice of the forthcoming N8 handset, but adpoting a more robust and visually arresting interface like MeeGo will be a necessity for the Finnish manufacturer to stay relevant in the smartphone market and judging by this video, it certainly looks good enough to do that.

Source: GSMArena

Nokia N9 Meego Slider Leaked In Video?

The Nokia N8 hasn’t even hit the shops yet but it’s successor, the N9 look like it’s already poking it’s nose out from behind the screen. This above picture was taken from what purports to be a leaked video teaser for the Nokia N9, which looks like a Nokia N8 with a sliding 4-line QWERTY keypad.

We doubt the video is a fully produced promo and considering the poor sound and spartan animation, it’s at best a draft of an idea, but it’s the sort of device we’d expect from Nokia as a follow up to the N8.

The jury is still out on whether the N9 will be a Symbian^3 or a Meego device, however.

Check the video out for yourself below and let us know what you think – real or fake? Hot or not?

Via Engadget

Video: Nokia N8 In Hand Acrobatics

On the same day that Nokia officially announced their new flagship phone, the N8, we’ve come across a video of the handset in action. Not perhaps the usually UI, run-through, mind… this clip shows the Nokia N8 being tossed about in an artistic fashion by “hand freestyler” Max Vlassenko.

We guess that Nokia were none too pleased with yesterday’s leak from Mobile Review that wasn’t too complimentary to their latest creation, so Espoo decided to bring forward their announcement.

If you can forgive the N8′s user interface for looking a little too similar to the N97 Mini’s though, you’ll be dazzled by the N8′s whopping 12 Megapixel camera and other multi-media abilities (we hear you can even edit video on the handset!)

You’ve still got a few months yet to see the Nokia N8 in the flesh as the smartphone is available in the UK at the begiinning of Q3 / August 2010, but in the meantime enjoy the following clip:

Nokia N8 Goes Official: 12MP Camera, Symbian^3, Due Q3 2010

The Nokia N8 is go! Letting the pretenders to the megapixel throne like the Sony Ericsson Satio and Samsung Pixon12 slug it out for the best part of a year, the Finnish manufacturer has finally weighed in with their bid for smartphone supremacy…and it’s looking good.

First things first, this phone is packed with new features from the ground up. The Nokia N8 is one of their first handsets to boast the the all-new Symbian^3 platform, introducing a host of features and functionality that Nokia’s handsets have been sorely lacking for some time. Multi-touch and gesture support for pinch-to-zoom makes the N8 more finger friendly than ever before, with a 3.5-inch capacitive display proving the perfect home to prodding and poking.

Proving that the abbreviation ‘HD’ now has no meaning (thanks, iPad!), the N8 is touted to have a high definition display (despite it actually having one of with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels), whilst the customisable homescreens smack of old Symbian, but Nokia promises tmore freedom to arrange apps and icons as well as improved responsiveness.

The camera is where the grunt of the Nokia N8 lies, boasting the manufacturer’s first ever 12-megapixel lens, equipped with Carl Zeiss optics and a xenon flash for a world class photo-taking experience. The moving image is just as easily captured, with the ability to record in HD and edit on the fly thanks to an on-board editing suite. Whilst your mobile masterpiece might not be ready for Cannes, it’s easy to show on the telly at home thanks to an HDMI port on the device.

An FM transmitter and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound support means that the N8 can act just as easily as an entertainment viewer, with a Web TV app giving access to streaming news and video content.

The angular edges and form factor of the N8 evokes E-series devices whilst remaining a slender 113.5 x 59.12 x 12.9mm, with the 135g weight due largely to the N8′s sturdy aluminium frame. 5 colours are promised, with the accompanying press kit showing off a lime green N8 flanked by a silver and black model. Blue and orange variants are confirmed to round out the selection, making it perfect for those needing a phone to co-ordinate with their ensemble.

As a phone (yes, the N8 does still manage calls and messaging), the handset inherits the must-have du jour -namely Twitter and Facebook integration with alerts and updates appearing directly on the homescreen. Replies can be easily hashed out from the same place, with comments and replies handled with a simple and clean interface. Applications and fun distractions can still be obtained from the Ovi Store.

Nokia’s latest bullet point to impress is free turn-by-turn navigation thanks to Ovi Maps, enabling the N8 to act as a satellite navigation device whether on foot or in the car, as well as pointing out places of interest.

One smaller point of note is that the Nokia N8 is intergrated with their new development environment Qt, enabling budding bedroom developers to get to grips with the new Symbian platform and develop their own applications for the operating system with relative ease.

Memory isn’t much of an issue, with 16GB of on-board memory (and the opportunity to add as much as 32GB more thanks to an SD card slot) meaning that many a high resolution image can be stored on the N8.

As much as we’d love to believe this unveiling all was meticulously planned by the bods at Nokia, we can’t help but feel that yesterday’s leak by Eldar Murtazin slating the handset’s new interface had something to do with it…

Either way, the N8 is due for a Q3 release at a price of €370. With regards to Nokia N8 deals on pay monthly, we’re reckoning that this one will float around at that magical £35 per month price point. More details when we get them!