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Nokia Lumia Windows Phone mobile is now only £10

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has had its entry level Lumia 510 priced up at Tesco, on a £10 a month contract or for £85, without a 24-month contract.

Omio -  Nokia Lumia 510Omio was told at Mobile World Congress that the only reason the Lumia 510 is coming to the UK, is so that Tesco can sell it exclusively for the period of a week – as it has already been succeeded, by the Lumia 520.

It appears that this has now come to fruition, with the handset being listed at Tesco Direct and on the Tesco Mobile online phone store.

The mobile phone side of the business is carrying it with 100 minutes, a 500 text message bundle and a 500MB data allowance – on its own network.

Tesco direct is allowing you buy the device outright, which isn’t possible on its phone shop.

Nokia’s Lumia 510 arrives running the updated Microsoft Windows Phone 7.8 OS, with a 4-inch screen; 256MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

There is also a 5-megapixel camera on-board, with face detection and get-tagging – where it is said to offer 8.4 hours of talk time and 38 hours of music playback.

Both avenues of resale have the 510 in the colours of black, yellow and blue. This is with triple the Tesco clubcard points on the monthly bill, or 85 points on the £85 price.

Via: NokNok

UPDATE: Nokia Lumia 510 with Windows Phone 7.8 coming to the UK – Nokia confirms; Phones 4u proof found

Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia will be shipping the low cost Windows Phone 7.5 run Lumia 510 in the UK, after initially denying it would not be available.

Omio - Nokia Lumia 510The Nokia Lumia 510 was announced in October 2012, before the Windows Phone 8 budget Lumia 620 was unveiled.

That is the entry-level device that replaces the Lumia 610, where the 510 now sits beneath that model and is thought to be updateable to Windows Phone 7.8.

It has a 4-inch 800 x 480 TFT screen, driven by a single core 800MHz Snapdragon S1 processor, with 256MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage and with a 5-megapixel camera.

When we contacted Nokia on the day of its announcement, we were told: “We have no plans to launch the Lumia 510 in the UK”.

With a later statement of – “It’s intended for markets such as China, India and South America, no plan to stock here in the UK.”

Phones 4u has now listed the Lumia 510 on its Coming Soon page – here.

Omio has been in touch with Nokia, which has stated – “Following many requests from consumers we are currently considering ranging the Lumia 510 here in the UK.”


Phones 4u has now removed the Nokia Lumia 510 from its Coming Soon page.


Nokia has been in touch with us this morning, with the following statement that confirms the Lumia 510 will be arriving in the UK.

[We] can confirm that we will now be ranging the 510 here in the UK. As yet, we haven’t announced who will be ranging it

We have also managed to obtain proof of Phones 4u listing the device, thanks to Google cache – see below.

Nokia Lumia mobile phone update arrives; Nokia Lumia 510 confirmed

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is now rolling out an update to its low-end Lumia 610 Windows Phone handset, while the yet-to-be-announced Lumia 510 mobile has been confirmed.

Omio - Nokia logo

Nokia enthusiast online response has published the update information, along with how to update the Lumia 610 through the Microsoft Zune software.

It has noted: “The latest firmware 8779.12340 brings usability, performance and Camera improvements to the device.”

The site also added that the build number would be SW 1066.0000.8779.12340, after the installation has taken place.

Nokia’s Lumia 610 was unveiled at Mobile World Congress in February this year, along with the flagship Lumia 900, but it only became available to buy in June.

It arrived with a 3.7-inch 800 x 480 LCD screen, with an 800MHz processor, 256MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage and a 5-megapixel camera.

At the start of the month, Omio reported the Lumia 510 had appeared online in a captured photo.

Now, the mobile phone news site Pocketnow has covered its first test picture being published, with the accompanying data confirming its details.

That publication states: “the image’s EXIF data reports it as coming from the Lumia 510, as well as [confirming] that the phone isn’t yet running Windows Phone 7.8″

“By all accounts, the Lumia 510 will be a budget-priced Windows Phone handset targeted at developing markets. From what we’ve heard about the hardware, it sounds like a slight upgrade to the Lumia 610, giving the phone a larger four-inch display”, added the site.

Nokia Lumia 510 Windows Phone picture leaked with specifications confirmed

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia’s yet-to-be-announced Lumia 510 has appeared online, in a captured photo.


Popular mobile phone news website GSMArena has published the image of the device, with confirmation from its source of the specifications of the handset.

The site has stated that: “the low-end smartphone would sport a 4-inch display, have 4 GB of internal memory, and run on just 256 MB of RAM.”

“Those specs have just been confirmed by our own source, who … hinted that the initial price will be $150.”, it added.

It went on to note that the Lumia 510 will likely first arrive in China, and as an entry-level smartphone. This will be in time for Christmas, with a possible global release in early 2013.

There is no word on which version of the Windows Phone operating system will run the device, but it is highly unlikely that it will be Windows Phone 8.

It could run the upgrade to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, known as Windows Phone 7.8. Nokia has confirmed to Omio that the current entry-level Lumia 610 is due to receive the update. Therefore, the 510 might run that OS as well.