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HTC One (M8) announced, 5-inch FHD screen, Duo Camera and microSD card slot

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC has just taken the lid off its new HTC One (M8), as the 2014 flagship mobile phone – with a similar design to the original HTC One, from 2013.

HTC One M8 - Omio

It comes with a larger 5-inch full high definition 1,920 x 1,080 screen, than the 4.7-inch display of last year’s model.

Powering it is a quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, which matches the CPU models found in the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2.

On the rear is a new introduction to the series, Duo Camera. This allows for more depth to pictures, along with offering the ability to refocus the shot, after it is captured.

The front sports a 5MP snapper, capable of 1080p video recording, as is the rear.

There is also the HTC BoomSound, dual, stereo speakers, at the top and bottom of the screen.

2GB of RAM is onboard, along with 16GB of internal storage, where the capacity can be expanded.

That is thanks to the inclusion of the microSD card slot, with support for 128GB cards.

Android KitKat runs the mobile, with the new HTC Sense 6.0 overlay. That has seen some enhancements around BlinkFeed, and colour customisations to its sections.

Sense 6.0 will be rolling out to the HTC One, One mini and HTC One Max.

HTC One (M8) will be available Amber Gold, Glacial Silver and Gunmetal Gray – from today, onwards.


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HTC M8 ‘All New HTC One’ name, duo camera and Sense 6.0 details confirmed in leaked brochure

Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC has seen the specs established in an outed advert of its upcoming replacement, for the HTC One.


The ad is allegedly for the Australian Telstra network, surrounding a phone called the ‘All New HTC One.

It notes the mobile has an ‘all metal body’ and features a ‘brilliant’ full high definition 5-inch, scratch resistance screen – larger than the one found, in the One.

The rear supposedly sports a ‘Duo Camera‘, which is a new addition to HTC, where you’ll ‘capture professional photos and more depth’.

Its description notes it allows you to ‘Create vivid images even in low light’.

That is along with the ability to ‘professionally edit memories after you’ve taken the shot’.

Adding, you can ‘Choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften backgrounds and add 3D effects’.

That appears to be a mixture of the capabilities of the Nokia Refocus app, along with the augmented reality features of the Sony Xperia Z1, Compact and Z2 mobile phones.

HTC Sense 6.0 appears to be the new overlay to Android, with a ‘double tap’ aspect to turn on the phone – which we have seen in the Nokia Lumia Amber update, to its Windows Phone 8 handsets.

The company is expected to officially announce the device on the 25th of March, at an event that Omio is attending.


HTC ‘M8′ to be called The All New One – now with ALL the official pictures


Taiwanese mobile phone maker HTC is said to be calling its successor to the HTC One flagship mobile phone, by a previously unknown name.


This info comes care of that famous leaker of all things mobile, @evleaks.

In the past, he has outed accurate information ahead of the related company officially releasing the news – therefore, this latest piece carries with it a high level of credibility.

He has simply tweeted the following, adding a whole new dimension to the phone believed to go under the codename of HTC M8.

“Forget HTC One+. Look for M8 to be called The All New One, in gray, silver, and gold.”

That is better than the HTC One 2 or HTC One Plus, both of which have been attached to the mobile – thought to be launched on the 25th of March.

This date comes from an invite sent to the press, to an HTC event, to an HTC event, which Omio will be attending, bringing you all the news, hands-on pictures and a video walkthrough of the handset.

The new possible inclusion of the colours of grey, and gold from the outset does hint that HTC is looking to repeat Apple’s success.

That is with not only introducing a wide selection of colour choices at launch, but also mimicing what the iDevice maker offers – in terms of the exact colours.

Via: phoneArenaphoneArena


@evleaks has now posted what could be the official press or marketing image, of the phone thought to be called The All New HTC One (according to its caption).


The same source of the above news, and gold image, has now outed all the alleged colours of the purported All New HTC One (see below).



HTC One ‘M8′ successor to arrive in four colours

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC is said to be producing its HTC One replacement mobile phone a quartet of colours, instead of the previous versions’ options.

The mobile is thought to go by the codename of HTC M8, where the source of the info notes the array of colours will be – black, red, blue and grey.

Originally, the HTC One came in just two variants, silver and black – that was later expanded to black, blue, gold, red and silver.

Two of those colours were exclusive to Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u; blue and red, respectively.

The info comes from XDA TV producer and moderator Shen Ye, in a Tweet – as reported by phoneArena.

It also notes that the M8 could be released with on-screen buttons, allowing it to be as large as the HTC One.

That is despite its rumoured 5-inch, full high definition, display.

Other features are speculated to be enhancements to the rear Ultrapixel camera, along with being powered by a quad-core processor.

There is also the thought that the aluminium chassis will be kept, plus the BoomSound dual, front stereo speakers.

HTC is possibly going to call it the HTC One+ or HTC One 2; stay tuned for more.

HTC One successor to sport better camera and bigger screen

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC is said to be producing a new mobile phone, set to replace the HTC One flagship Android device – where its details have now emerged.

This information comes care of a person with direct knowledge of the companys’ plans, where they stated that the new mobile will have a large screen.

That is bigger than the one currently used, a 4.7-inch 1,920 x 1,080 Super LCD 3 version.

It is noted to be at least 5-inches, according to the source of Bloomberg.

There is said to be a twin-sensor camera, believed to provide better focus, depth of field and image quality.

This is along with an improved version of the company’s Ultrapixel snapper, within the device.

That is a device that’s design is supposedly close to the 2013 HTC One, with its unibody aluminium chassis.

Omio is not surprised this is the case, as between 130,000 to 150,000 HTC man hours went into developing how to get antennas to work within an aluminium body

The release date for this is said to be at the end of March, which ties in with a possible announcement at Mobile World Congress – or perhaps the week before (like last year).

Via: Android Authority

HTC One gold version drops £2,750 price tag – available for £29 a month

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC has created a gold coloured HTC One mobile phone, following on from its 18ct gold version.


HTC produced five of those mobile phones, worth £2,750, each.

The winner of the Best newcomer category at the MOBO awards was presented one of these, with Elli Ingram taking home the prize (and phone), this year.

This new gold coloured version now joins the silver, black, blue and red models.

It still has all that’s onboard the others, encased in a brushed body and black accents, said to ooze luxury and style, by HTC.

Those are the 4.7-inch FHD screen, and a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU.

There is also 2GB of RAM built-in; 32GB of internal storage and the company’s 4MP Ultrapixel camera.

Also, the HTC Boomsound dual-stereo front-facing speakers, with Android running the mobile, plus the HTC Sense overlay – including the BlinkFeed home screen news aggregator.

“Building on the all metal design of the HTC One, and the recent success of the HTC 18 carat gold MOBO phone, we are excited to have developed our own gold device, offering yet more choice to consumers”, said Philip Blair, President EMEA.

HTC has said the gold One model will be available to buy through Phones 4u, Carphone Warehouse and Vodafone.

The former has already listed the device, where it is available for free – for £29 a month, on a Vodafone Red plan.


Android Authority and Android Central are reporting that both Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u are now officially retailing the HTC One gold version, where Omio also has listed it – starting from £21.99, a month, with no upfront cost.

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HTC One dual SIM version being sold by HTC in the UK, for the same price as the single SIM model – only with microSD card slot

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC has announced that it is bringing the dual SIM version of the HTC One to the UK, for the very first time.

Dual Sim

It is retailing it through its own website, with a cost attached of £494.99.

That is the same price as the standard HTC One, released towards the start of this year.

“HTC is changing the premium mobile market, this is the first time we have released a dual SIM version of one of our premium handsets in the UK.”, said Peter Frolund, HTC’s General Manager UK.

“By bringing business and pleasure together in the best designed handset in the market, we’re creating a new approach and one that we believe will appeal to businesses and their employees alike.”

There are some key differences between the two models, with the dual-SIM being the main one.

To gain access to this, HTC has added a removable rear cover to the mobile phone.

With this, it has also provided a microSD card slot, for expanding the mobile phone’s storage capacity.

That wasn’t present with the standard HTC One, where this now allows 64GB of storage capacity (max).

He added, “Companies are offering greater choice to employees to choose their own phone or are happy for staff to use a personal handset for both work and pleasure.”

“With HTC One dual SIM, employees can get the handset they want while not having to pay for company usage out of their own pockets and employers can lower the sums they spend on handsets, so it delivers the best of both worlds.”

Android 4.4 KitKat coming to HTC One mobile phones, mid-November – still on schedule


Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC has unveiled its plans on rolling out the very latest version of Android, 4.4, KitKat, to its handsets.

Google officially revealed its newest version of its mobile phone and tablet OS yesterday, along with its LG made Nexus 5 flagship device.

That will be the first new phone to run the OS, where HTC has now taken to Twitter to inform its customers when the OS is coming to their phones.

The company tweeted from its @HTCUSA account:

“Here’s to Customers – who love candy! Kit Kat is coming to #HTCOne customers in the US in 90 days.”

This was followed by another missive, relating to its un-customised and non-network bound mobiles -

“#HTCOne Google Play Edition will have Android 4.4 by mid November. Dev Edition and SIM unlocked users can expect Kit Kat by end of Nov.”

That initial three-month window relates to the flagship device, released earlier this year.

HTC’s One comes with a 4.7-inch FHD screen; quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU; 2GB of RAM; a 4MP Ultrapixel camera, running Android Jelly Bean, with the BlinkFeed homescreen news aggregator.

The Google Play Edition was the same phone, only running a vanilla Android OS – offering a Nexus-type experience.

Omio has reached out to HTC in the UK, to see if this deployment will be replicated here; we will update this article when we know more.

Via: Android Central


HTC has now taken to Twitter, with a public update to its deployment of Android KitKat, with the following tweet:

“We’re working with our local carriers to begin the rollout of Android 4.4 and Sense 5.5 for the #HTCOne from end of January 2014.”

That doesn’t shed any more light, from the statement we received earlier this month, only that it is still on track with the update.


UPDATE #1 (4th November):

HTC UK has been in touch with Omio, informing us that the USA update schedule will be replicated here (almost) – according to the following statement:

“Across EMEA, HTC will work with local carriers to begin the roll-out of Android 4.4 with Sense 5.5 for the HTC One from end of January. The Google Play edition will start to receive the update earlier, starting from the end of November. Details regarding the HTC One max and the HTC One mini will follow.”

HTC One ‘M8′ successor specs appear online

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC has allegedly seen the key specifications revealed of the follow up to its HTC One, thought to be codenamed HTC M8.

These have been posted to Twitter, by that renowned leaker of all things mobile, @evleaks.

He has tweeted: “Sounds like the HTC M8 is — and you could probably predict — a 5-inch, 1080p handset powered by KitKat and a Snapdragon 800.”

That would increase the screen size in its flagship device, to one that matches the Sony Xperia Z1, and Samsung Galaxy S4.

The current HTC One sports a 4.7-inch display, which is slightly smaller than the 5-inch trend of the 2013 top-tier devices.

It isn’t the first time we have heard of the possibly codenamed HTC M8, where at the start of this month, @evleaks tweeted -

“HTC M8 will be the first Sense 6.0 handset”

A week later, we reported on the first pictures the supposed device, which was said to have a similar look to the HTC One X – rather than this year’s One series.

It also carried what appears to be a fingerprint sensor at the rear, in the same way as the phablet HTC One Max sports.

The source of the images also noted it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, and that it will have 3GB of RAM.

Today’s source, posted last week – .@Julie122371 @doakills All four carriers, end of Q1 ’14 [via tip; thanks, @gadget_pei]“ –  in response to an enquiry.

We would expect the USA to the UK launch date, not to be too far apart.

HTC M8 arriving before the end of March, 2014

Taiwanese mobile phone manufacturer HTC has possibly seen the launch date revealed, for the successor to the flagship HTC One mobile phone, rumoured to be codenamed HTC M8.

This new info, relatives to the yet-to-be-announced device, comes care of that renowned leaker of all things mobile – @evleaks.

He initially tweeted: “HTC M8 unsurprisingly destined for AT&T, among others.”

A few twitters probed him for more info, where he responded.@Julie122371 @doakills All four carriers, end of Q1 ’14 [via tip; thanks, @gadget_pei]“

We have already run images of the device called the HTC M8, where it appears to have a bigger screen than the one seen in the HTC One.

This is along with a possible fingerprint sensor, in much the same way as the HTC One max phablet sports.

That is with a look similar to the Ones, only with a plastic shell – more in line with the HTC One X.

Internally, the mobile is believed to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU and 3GB of RAM.

It is also speculated to have a new version of the company’s overlay to Android.

This came from a tweet by the same twipster, stating: “HTC M8 will be the first Sense 6.0 handset”

Omio expects the timeframe from the USA to the UK won’t be too far apart; stay tuned for more.

Via: Android Authority