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Sony Ericsson Launches TXT Pro And Mix Walkman Handsets

Sony Ericsson chose today to embrace the world of social networking, taking to their burgeoning online community to reveal 2 new handsets, the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman and the Sony Ericsson txt pro.

The announcement came through their Facebook page where they have been running a competition for four super-fans to review the phones before they were announced to a global audience.

Lesser fans can now vote on their favourite review (lives here but beware, you have to ‘like’ it to proceed!), and the reviewer with the highest number of votes will be granted their life’s desires (ten Sony Ericsson phones, of course!)

The devices themselves are both feature phones that seem to run on a proprietary operating system. Neither of the handsets are 3G enabled, so users will have to rely on Wi-Fi or the good old EDGE network for accessing the web.

Fans of the XPERIA mini range will notice that both of the phones have inherited the quartet of active areas in the touch-driven user interface, allowing users to put apps in each of the corner of the display for easy access.

The Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman is, as the name suggests, a phone aimed squarely at music lovers with comes with 100MB of internal memory, as well as the ability to add a microSD card (up to 32GB in size) for storing all your Bon Jovi and Duran Duran classics on.

The feature on this phone that has got us worried is the karaoke function, you would definitely understand if you’d been at the office Christmas party.

With one small click on the microphone key you can mute the dulcet tones of Lady Gaga and then sing along to the words on the screen to create your very own version of ‘Poker Face’.

While this may not be our cup of tea in Omio Towers, it is sure to appeal to all those bedroom superstars singing into their hairbrushes (other pretend microphones are available). The phone also comes with two interchangeable bands that festoon the edge of the phone, that Sony Ericsson says users can use to “adapt the colour of your phone to your mood”…although we aren’t quite sure what mood a green hen is intended to reflect.

The txt pro (yes they really have spelt it ‘txt,’ just like cool kids) has a slide out QWERTY keyboard and has a pretty nifty feature that pulls together tweets, Facebook updates and SMS messages from up to five friends and displays them in a single stream…can you say ‘social networking savvy’?

Both the Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman and txt pro will be released in Q3 of this year, but unfortunately no pricing has yet been released.

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Sony Ericsson and 3UK Offers Free Spotify With XPERIA X10 and Vivaz, ‘Journey Inspired’ Playlists

Eight of the UK’s brightest young things in music have been brought together by Sony Ericsson and 3UK to create custom Spotify playlists based on their recent travels.

The newly-launched Music Everywhere site enables you to listen to soundtracks inspired by the journeys of artists as varied as The Stereophonics, Keane and dance quartet Delphic.

Created in honour of the new Android-powered Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 and Sony Ericsson Vivaz being bundled with two months of free Spotify Premium on 3, you can join The Courteeners as they trek from Lincoln to Liverpool to the driving beats of Kasabian, or follow Amy MacDonald as she flies over Copenhagen to the lilting melodies of Beach House.

For 2 months access to the music streaming site, new phone owners should simply text “Spotify” to 39000. After the two months are up, Spotify reverts to a cost of £9.99 per month, added to your bill.

Game Over For Zeemote Bluetooth Controller?

Picture 6

As mobile gaming becomes more touch screen focused than ever, rumours that Bluetooth controller maker Zeemote are shuttering comes as little surprise.

According to investor Michael Fitzgerald of Commonwealth Capital Ventures, plans to sell off Zeemote’s assets are ongoing, although he declined to divulge further details.

CCV contributed part of a $6.9 million investment into Zeemote in late 2007, with these Bluetooth controllers aiming to make gaming easier on mobile phones despite taking up space in the pocket and occupying an otherwise free hand…it looks as though success has eluded the manufacturer.

Sony Ericsson launched a version of the W760i bundled with the Zeemote JS1 controller, but with a £30 stand-alone price tag few people saw the allure in playing pixelated Java games with what some branded a ‘knock-off Wii nunchuk’.

Despite support for a broad range of handsets, and new phones like the Sony Ericsson Aino and the Samsung i8910HD emblazoned on the site, the peripheral just did not get the attention, or market traction required.

Even even an informercial-worthy stint on the Gadget Show did little to raise the gadget’s profile.

Whilst novel to use, we saw little purpose in the device above jamming on a phone’s buttons directly, although the profusion of touchscreen handsets today could benefit from a more tactile input method…

Zeemote for the iPhone, anyone? Perhaps it’s not too late…

Source: Pocket Gamer

BlackBerry Storm 2 Breaks, Can Lightning Strike Twice?


It seems like we’re in store for some bad weather but some great phones this winter, with Vodafone and RIM unveiling the BlackBerry Storm 2 this morning.

Taking on board the negative points levelled at the original handset, Research In Motion have gone back to the drawing board to make the Storm 2 the perfect touchscreen smart phone, yet retaining that BlackBerry feel.

The display itself was the big divider for users of the original Storm, with the ‘clickable’ screen trying to emulate the feel of a physical keyboard. Whilst some found it revolutionary, many found it strange to use and requiring far too much pressure to register presses.

The Storm 2 aims to fix this with a refinement of the SurePress technology, now using electronic pulses as opposed to mechanical gubbins to provide feedback, as well as a raft of new and important changes to the specs sheet.

The smart phone successor comes equipped with an improved version of Blackberry’s operating system, a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash, 2GB of internal memory and an important addition in the form of Wi-Fi connectivity – a glaring omission which many never forgave the Storm 1 for.

The changes in form factor are slight, as are the nips and tucks in the browser and mail functionality, but it shows that BlackBerry have gone over the Storm 2 with a fine toothed comb to avoid Stephen Fry-baiting levels of embarrassment this time around.

With Vodafone securing an early release rather than a pair of golden exclusivity handcuffs, the BlackBerry Storm 2 will be reaching stores in the UK and Ireland at the tail end of this month.

Voda’s BlackBerry Storm 2 deals won’t be wreaking damage on your pocket either, with the handset free on a 24 month, £35 a month contract with 600 x-net minutes.

With the Pre touching down on the 16th, Sony’s Ericsson’s torrent of media-savvy handsets unleashed and Windows phones rattling at the windows, it’s time to batten down the hatches for a smart phone onslaught!

Sony Ericsson Aino Deals Now Available, But What IS Remote Play?


With Sony Ericsson’s Aino now on shelves and Team Omio being gaming junkies, we wanted to know exactly what we can and can’t do using the phone’s ‘Remote Play’ hook up to the Playstation 3.

Thankfully a very comprehensive post up on Sony’s European Playstation blog tells us that an Aino can:

- turn a PS3 on and off
- browse and control the XMB user interface
- access the internet and any DRM free media content saved on the hard drive
- sign in to the PS3 network and message friends
- shop for items in the PS3 store
- watch and record live television using PlayTV

Unfortunately, the thing that you can’t do seems to be the one we wanted to the most, namely indulge in a bit of PS3 gaming on the go! Guess the ‘Play’ in ‘Remote Play’ only means movies…

Controlling media content seems a breeze thanks to dedicated keys on the handset, whilst messaging Playstation friends is a nice gesture, but with limited practical implications.

One negative point is in the accompanying thread, which states that other handsets like the Satio won’t handle Remote Play thanks to a lack of these media buttons.

Fair enough, although we reckon it is equally because Sony Ericsson don’t want to eliminate the Aino’s most compelling feature in one fell swoop!

Our Sony Ericsson Aino deals are pretty competitive, with a free handset and 900 minutes and unlimited texts for under £25 per month. So if you want to get your mobile entertainment fix on the go, the Aino is a cool and cost-effective way to do it.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA “Rachel” Up For Preorder On Expansys

Picture 4

They might have lost their lustre to as the home of breaking mobile leaks, but Expansys still knows how to garner attention when it counts.

They have recently put up a pre-order page for the new Android-powered Sony Ericsson XPERIA handset on their site, complete with specs and a glowing description of the 4″ high resolution display and ‘razor sharp detail’ that can be obtained from the 8 megapixel camera.

The latest XPERIA (codenamed “Rachel” during development) piqued the interest of the mobile community when a tech demo supposedly showing off a heavily customised and very appealing Android interface leaked, believed to belong to the smart phone sequel.

Expansys has not gone as far as to divulge a price or release date, but the mere presence of a handset page leads us to suggest that this phone may actually see the light of day in our lifetime.

All we ask is that the Rachel is quicker coming to market than the original XPERIA, this handset (alongside the 12.1 megapixel Satio) could well be Sony Ericsson’s only shot at the top spot for 2009.

UPDATE: As per the usual game of leaky phone cat and mouse, the Xpansys link is now dead…


Sony Ericsson W995 Advert In ‘Quite Funny’ Shocker!


The following advert explains why the new Sony Ericsson W995 is such a brilliant multipurpose handset, and perfect for media.

Despite having an 8.1 megapixel camera, 8GB of memory and amazing Walkman functionality, this video focuses on some other aspects of the W995 like PlayNow Arena and YouTube uploading…brilliantly.

Some Sony PR bods deserve extra choccie biscuits for making a funny, relevant and very informative video! Watch it!

Omio is comparing the best Sony Ericsson W995 deals at the moment, with a free handset with 400 minutes and unlimited texts for a mere £19.57 per month from BuyMobilePhones coming up as the most popular.

It is amazing value for such a high-end device, and finally offers consumers the best of both the Cybershot and Walkman worlds in one phone.

Source: Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog

Sony Ericsson Naite GreenHeart Phone Unveiled


Alongside the new C901 GreenHeart phone release, the Sony Ericsson Naite was also unveiled yesterday, targeted at the more price conscious eco-warrior.

The Naite has a 2.2 inch screen, 2 megapixel camera and tri-band support, and will follow a little while after the C901′s launch, coming out in Q3.

Both GreenHeart phones are based on the concept of eliminating hazardous chemicals from the product design and manufacturing processes, and the Naite also has a Carbon Footprint Calculator uses a built in pedometer to see how much you are saving the planet just by walking about.

Hopefully other manufacturers can folow suit in creating devices that attempt to decrease the long term effects on the environment, as well as more the immediate solutions of a solar powered phone or cheap handsets for the emerging market.


Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart Phone Revealed


With sustainability and ecological conservation at the forefront of its construction, the Sony Ericsson C901 GreenHeart was officially unveiled yesterday at a London launch event.

The C901 GreenHeart phone comes in smaller packaging, recycled plastics in the headset and charger and an e-manual, but still has some modern tech with a 5 megapixel camera (with xenon flash and smile shutter), e-mail support and pretty cool styling.

It should be out by the end of this month with pricing equivalent to the regular C901, but with GreenHeart offering consumers the choice to buy something and play a small part in saving the world.


Sony Ericsson To Launch Range of Eco Friendly ‘GreenHeart’ Phones, Watch Live!


Well, it was a little while since Mats Pellbäck-Scharp, head of corporate sustainability for Sony Ericsson chatted to us about their plans for green phones at Mobile World Congress.

Well, ahead of an official announcement on the GreenHeart site, we’ve caught wind that these handset is none other than the one above! GreenHeart handsets are all about reducing their effect on the environment with e-manuals, less packaging, chargers which use electricity and are created from recycled parts.

Well, if you want to see the launch details of the handset as it happens – with yours truly behind the wheel interviewing – just watch the live webcast on Thursday June 4th at 1pm (UK time, 8am Eastern) through the below window!

Feel free to submit questions, marriage proposals, and general comments in the box below and I’ll be sure to pass them onto the guys personally!

Source: Boy Genius Report