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HTC Bliss Getting Musical Makeover, Now HTC Rhyme?

After spending a pretty penny on the majority of the ‘Beats’ line of headphone gadgetry, could the Taiwanese phone maker HTC be following up their Sensation XE with another audiophile’s dream in the Rhyme?

Leaked plentifully and dubbed ‘Bliss’ at the time, the HTC Rhyme could well be revealed on September 20th (if the date on the gloriously Photoshopped image above is any indication), but the Sensation XE’s flagship status could see this musical mobile become an affordable alternative.

According to both the image and German blog HTC Inside, the Rhyme is rocking Sense 3.5, as well as a simple and clean form factor…shades of the LG Arena, maybe?

Either way, not long to wait before we find out more if that 20th September date is any indication…