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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini now available, deals from £11.99 a month

Online mobile phone retailer Mobile Phones Direct is now selling the smaller version of the Samsung Galaxy S5: the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini – with a delivery date of the 1st of August.

These deals start at £11.99 a month, with an upfront cost of £209.99 – on Orange.

That is accompanied with a 250MB data allowance; 500 minutes and an unlimited text message bundle.

This is for the black, white, blue and gold versions of the Galaxy S5 mini.

Zero upfront costs start at £26.50 per month, on the Vodafone network.

That is bundled with a 500MB data offering; 600 minutes and an unlimited text messaging.

Mobile Phones Direct is also retailing the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini in the colours of black, white, blue and gold version.

This is for a phone that has features brought in from the bigger S5, such as the heart rate monitor; fingerprint scanner, ultra power saving mode and the IP67 waterproof and dust tight nature.

Only it smaller and lighter, with a 4.5-inch 1,280 x 720 Super AMOLED screen.

Powering is a quad-core 1.4GHz processor, with 1.5GB of RAM; 16GB of internal storage and support for 64GB microSD cards.

There is also an 8-megapixel camera on the rear, and a 2.1MP variant on the front – with Android 4.4 KitKat, plus the Samsung UI and 4G connectivity.

Mobile Phone Review Roundup: Motorola Moto E, HTC One E8 and Vodafone Smart 4 Mini

Omio is rounding up all the mobile phone reviews over the past week from the major tech titles in the UK.

This is all in order to bring you an all-inclusive and encompassing view of the opinions, from the various handset reviewers.



Motorola Moto E review

When Motorola launched the Moto G smartphone last year, it said it wanted to offer “an affordable smartphone for people who don’t want to compromise on quality, experience or style”. It more than succeeded in that venture, and now its focus shifts to the even more budget section of the market with the Motorola Moto E.

The Moto E is less spec-savvy than its bigger brother Moto G, but it still puts on a darn good show considering its £89 asking price. By cutting back on the specification and price point has Motorola got the balance right to be the budget king once again? We’ve been living with the Moto E as our go-to phone for a couple of weeks to see whether it adds up.



The Moto E is a brilliant device for the price. If your budget doesn’t stretch beyond £100 then we would say – ignoring the lack of 4G connectivity – that there isn’t a competing device that offers the same overall experience, specification and design.

Despite the price point the Moto E has glimpses of premium about its build; the matte finish on the rear makes it a delight to hold and the metal buttons feel quality. Add some useful software features, a true Android experience, solid battery life, microSD slot for storage expansion, quality sound output and it’s an undeniably decent device.

On the not-so-good side of the coin the rear camera really isn’t up to much and the lack of a front-facing one feels like an oddity, plus the screen resolution is fairly low. But that’s hardly surprising given the price.

All said and done the Moto E gives plenty of bang for your buck. But it sits in a busy market, and one that’s already dominated by Motorola. That, in part, is the Moto E’s undoing, because we would still opt to spend a little more cash and buy the 4G Moto G instead. But that can’t detract from the Moto E’s successes: it’s a great phone available at a great price. Check out the full Motorola Moto E review on Pocket Lint.

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HTC One E8 review

The HTC One E8 is the phone I never thought I’d see. Given HTC’s big push into making design the most important element of its flagship One M8 phone, why lose it?

And this theme returns when you turn the phone over: all the talk of the importance of the duo camera, with Ufocus and other assorted Ultrapixel gubbins, is gone in favour of an off-the-shelf 13MP sensor.

What gives, HTC? It’s nearly 30% cheaper? Oh. That makes sense.

Beyond that, we’re treated to the HTC One M8 spec for spec. That means a Snapdragon 801 chip inside, the same larger 2600mAh battery, a glorious Full HD 5-inch Super LCD3 screen, a microSD slot and, well, you might as well just read the spec sheet for the One M8 to get the full picture.

HTC_One_E8_review (4)-623-80

Early verdict

There’s a lot here that I’m missing from the One M8, but not as much as I thought I would. The build quality is a lot lower, but the colour of my sample and the well-packaged unibody mitigates that somewhat.

The camera, in the early tests, performs very well, but I’ve not tried it in the full range of low light and differing texture tests, so I’ll be intrigued to see how that pans out.

Essentially, this budget version of the One M8 isn’t that budget – but it does provide competition to the likes of the Nexus 5 and the OnePlus One for a high-end phone with great specs and a lower price, and it appears HTC has managed that well here. Check out the full HTC One E8 review on TechRadar.

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Trusted Reviews

Vodafone Smart 4 Mini review

The Vodafone Smart 4 Mini is a small, very low cost phone. If you want a mobile you won’t have to worry too much about breaking, need to buy someone their first real smartphone or just want a backup, it seems like a good option.

At £50, it is just a tenth the price of the top phones. There are obvious cuts made in almost every area of the Smart 4 Mini that mean we can’t fully recommend it, but you do get the full  Android experience for very little cash here.



The Vodafone Smart 4 Mini is a very affordable phone that’s among the very best you can buy at the price. However, its quite slow and cuts across the board mean you need more patience than you’d need with a slightly more expensive mobile. Check out the full Vodafone Smart 4 Mini review on TrustedReviews.

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Tesco Mobile launches 4G on PAYG for free

Popular high-street grocery store mobile phone arm, Tesco Mobile, has brought across its 4G offering to its pay as you go customers – with no extra charge.


Tesco Mobile was notably the first UK mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) to launch 4G contacts.

That was in October 2013, where the tariffs did have a £2.50 surcharge for 4G – which was waived in January.

This is now available to all, on a range of purchasable data bundles, from 500MB to 8GB.

Those start at £5, and escalate in cost to £20 – for the upper limit.

Tesco Mobile users not wishing to buy a package can just use the money in their account, where a megabyte costs 10p.

“The world we live in is becoming ever more fast-paced and data hungry.”, commented Simon Groves, Chief Marketing Officer from Tesco Mobile.

“No one likes being made to wait around and we see no reason why our pay as you go customers shouldn’t have access to the same speeds as pay monthly ones; which is why we now offer 4G to all our customers at prices that are accessible to everyone.”

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UPDATE: HTC One (M8) in Red comes exclusively to O2, deals from £13 a month – Pink, Carphone Warehouse

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has announced that it will exclusively be retailing the HTC One (M8) in Red.

HTC One M8 Red

This will be on its O2 Refresh Tariffs, with data offerings between 500MB and 8GB.

The network currently sells the grey and gold versions, where deals start at £13.

That is with a 500MB data offering, with 500 minutes and an unlimited text message offering – with an upfront cost of £609.99.

Zero-upfront costs start at £38 a month, with a 2GB mobile broadband bundle, and unlimited calling and texting.

Omio expects these to be matched with the red version of the HTC One (M8) on O2, when it arrives on the 4th of August.

This is for a smartphone that has a 5-inch full HD screen, flanked top and bottom by front-facing stereo speakers.

Those are 25 per cent louder than the ones found on the HTC One (M7), where the red version was exclusive to Phones4u

There is also a Duo Camera on the rear, with a depth sensor that captures detailed depth information, allowing you to refocus on the pics – after it’s been taken.


HTC has made public the pink version of the phone will be coming to Carphone Warehouse, where it will be available to pre-order from the 25th July – with a free HTC Dot View case.

HTC One M8 Pink

Nokia Lumia 530 announced, available for under £70

Microsoft owned mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has unveiled its new low cost mobile phone – the Nokia Lumia 530, running the latest Windows Phone 8.1 Operating System.

Nokia Lumia 530

It is said to cost 85 Euros before taxes and subsidies, which is around £67, and it is expected to be available in August.

This handset replaces the best-selling Nokia Lumia 520, which had 30 per cent Windows Phone market share – at the end of last year.

Nokia’s Lumia 530 still comes with a 4-inch screen, changed from a TFT to an IPS LCD version.

Processing power has been upped from dual-core to a quad-core 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 CPU.

There is also microSD card support, up to 128GB - plus 4GB of internal storage, with 512MB of RAM.

On the rear, is still a 5-megapixel camera, with a range of interchangeable shells – in colours such as bright orange, bright green, plus dark grey and white.

Running the Lumia 530 is the new Windows Phone 8.1 OS, with its one-swipe notifications called Action Centre.

Built-in is also a Swype-esque Wordflow keyboard, and the Siri-like personal assistantCortana – soon to be hitting the UK.

“We are moving quickly to help more people experience the uncompromised Lumia technologies, third party apps, and Microsoft services that we deliver on our flagship products,”, said Jo Harlow, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Devices Group.

“Lumia 530 underscores our commitment to making affordable smartphones for everyone, and introducing more people to the best of Microsoft.”

O2 Travel add-on now offers unlimited roaming

Former British Telecom mobile phone network O2 has increased the data roaming amount in its O2 Travel bolt-on, to offer its customers all the data they need – while roaming in Europe.

This is for just £1.99 a day for pay monthly and PAYG customers, where the latter has a 50MB allowance – increased from 15MB.

The new found travelling allowance means that people on O2 will no longer be confined to WIFI, for their data needs on holiday.

Or, feel the need to turn off roaming on their mobile phones, just to avoid bill shock.

This coincides with the launch of a free O2 app, with Tripadvisor content, giving customers access to city guides and maps – available on both iOS, and Android devices.

“People use their mobiles as a source of information on a daily basis; we believe it should be no different when they are on holiday.”, said Nina Bibby, Marketing and Consumer Director at O2.

“By giving our customers access to all the data they need for just £1.99 a day when they are in Europe, we are offering them a worry free way to get the most out of their smartphones, whether it’s looking for a great place to eat, or navigating the streets of an unfamiliar city”

O2 Travel can be enabled by texting O2TRAVEL to 23336 (Pay & Go text TRAVELON to 21300).

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Mobile Phone Review Roundup: Nokia Lumia 930

Omio is rounding up all the Nokia Lumia 930 mobile phone reviews over the past week from the major tech titles in the UK.

This is all in order to bring you an all-inclusive and encompassing view of the opinions, from the various handset reviewers.



Nokia Lumia 930 review

Since Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone hardware business there’s been some confusion about where things go from here. Take the Lumia 930, the top-spec Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone that we’ve been reviewing for the last few days: Microsoft has left the "Nokia" name absent from all its press materials, yet the Nokia name sits proudly on the phone’s rear.

Clearly we’re in a period of transition. But what’s in a name – and does it even really matter? Only time will tell. What we’re most interested in is how the Lumia 930 embodies the evolving nature of Windows Phone 8.1. It showcases the ever-strong Lumia hardware – which is better built than plenty of top-spec Android rivals – and, perhaps ignoring the Lumia 1020′s camera prowess, represents the most compelling Windows Phone package to date.

It’s been a long time coming though. After first seeing the handset in April, the release date slipped back to mid-July in the UK; while those in the US will never see the 930 in this particular format. What with LG, Samsung and HTC having already outed their respective Android phones and with Apple supposedly due to announce a bigger, bolder iPhone in September has Nokia (or Microsoft – take your pick) got the guts to stand out – or is it a phone and operating system combination still scrabbling to keep up with the pack?



The Lumia 930 is as close as we’ve got to Windows Phone’s wow moment. But, in saying that, we’re still on the fence about whether it’s enough to lure new customers in.

We love the 5-inch Full HD screen, the camera good in decent light, and the solid build quality separates the device from all those plasticky competitors with removable back plates. It’s a touch on the thick size and is a large device overall, but we think the Lumia 930 gets away with it. We’re not sure about all the colour options though.

Now in version 8.1 the Windows Phone experience is also more complete than it’s ever been before. Although, in many respects, that just means it’s caught up with the competition – and if you’re a gamer then the lack of apps will still disappoint. There are still some fussy points in use too, but the lack of bloatware otherwise keeps the Lumia experience pure.

The Lumia 930 is big, bold and has touches of brilliance. As much as it wows, though, there’s still work to be done to truly set it apart from the competition. This is one that will divide the crowd, but is a device that can’t be ignored for its positives and its aspirations. Whether it can be so highly praised in two months’ time from now is another matter, but right now this is the best Windows Phone device that money can buy. Read the full Nokia Lumia 930 review on Pocket Lint.

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Nokia Lumia 930

The Lumia 930 is the first upmarket phone in eight months from Nokia’s former mobile phones division, which is now owned by Microsoft. It’s a solid but quite unspectacular upgrade for Windows Phone users.

However, there’s nothing really new here. If you’re looking for a phone with something distinctive, a bit of a wow factor, you may wish to wait until later in the year, when, hopefully, the buggy and crufty Windows Phone 8.1 release should be in better shape.


The Reg Verdict

As if in recognition of this, the Lumia 930 comes with a decent two-week launch offer of a dinky Bluetooth speaker, a wireless charging plate and a £20 app voucher. Even after that, every 930 sold in the UK will include a wireless charging plate.

So if you’re already in the Windows Phone world, it may be worth waiting until later in the year to see what Nokia-soft has up its sleeve. That said, the Lumia 930 isn’t a bad device by any means. It has superb build quality and its corporate-friendly features could see it sell in decent numbers. You wouldn’t grumble if you were assigned one.

But is that enough? Read the full Nokia Lumia 930 review on The Register.

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Nokia Lumia 930 review

Windows Phone is going on four years old now – and it’s still never had the standout phone that shows it’s a platform that can compete with the iPhone and the best Android has to offer.

The Nokia Lumia 930 looks to be just that phone, with a next-generation screen, a much-improved processor and a new version of the OS to give users more customisation than ever before.

This is still a Nokia phone, despite the buyout by Microsoft, and the heritage is plain to see with the choice of coloured plastic backs combined with the metallic trim.

But here’s the key question: does the Nokia Lumia 930 have the ability to mix it with the big boys? It’s got a higher spec sheet than ever before, the still-great camera and all of the Finnish / American toys it can pack on board, and it’s coming out of the gate for cheaper than the competition too.

On top of that you’ve got a decent accessory ecosystem around it, a strong identity and an ever-growing user base for Windows Phone.

But there’s also the other side of it: the Lumia 930 is using last year’s components and still has to battle against the fact Windows Phone is still running behind iOS and Android in both the popularity and app stakes.

It’s a tricky one – read on to see if the new Lumia could possibly be your next phone.

Nokia Lumia 930 review (11)-623-80


The Nokia Lumia 930 is the best Windows Phone yet – you’ll probably read that across the web. But that’s like saying it’s the best seaplane: you’ll really need some elements of it from time to time, and you’ll be able to use it, but really you want something that’s able to flourish in more scenarios.

The build quality is excellent and iconic, and the camera is powerful and results in mostly great snaps. I like that 32GB is on offer as the base model, and wireless charging built in is perfect.

The price is pretty good too, and if you’re a fan of Windows Phone there is nothing better right now. But Microsoft needs to boost the UI and usability of its OS as soon as possible to make sure it keeps up with pack – and that’s the main thing that’s troubling the Nokia Lumia 930 right now. Read the full Nokia Lumia 930 review on TechRadar.

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Trusted Reviews

Nokia Lumia 930 review

The Nokia Lumia 930, also known as the Lumia Icon in the US, is a 5-inch Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone that’s the first handset to launch since Microsoft’s buyout of Nokia’s mobile division. The successor to the Lumia 925, it’s available on contracts from £30 a month, so it’s competing with the iPhone 5S and top-tier Android phones like the HTC One M8, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Xperia Z2.

It’s a step up in almost every department on the 925 and with Windows Phone 8.1, the latest version of Microsoft’s slowly improving mobile operating system, it’s the closest we’ve come to a Windows phone that can compete with the best Android phones and iPhones.



The Nokia Lumia 930 is another very good top-end Windows Phone from Nokia, but we’d like it to last a longer and be less chunky. Read the full Nokia Lumia 930 review on TrustedReviews.

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Nokia Lumia 930 review

We’re just over halfway through the year, and already we’ve seen HTC’s luscious One (M8), Samsung’s stripped-back Galaxy S5, and LG’s eye-poppingly high resolution G3.

And now comes a new Nokia, the first high-end device to run Windows Phone 8.1 (bizarrely, we’ve already seen the OS on its entry-level Lumia 630 and 635 handsets).

The Lumia 930 has a new design to go with its new software. But can it mix it with the big boys of the smartphone world? Let’s have a look.



Windows Phone has come on leaps and bounds in recent months.

The Lumia 930 might have been bested in the specs department, but it’s a great all-rounder that’s more than capable enough for all but the most demanding of smartphone users. And it has a unique and stylish look to boot.

It’s the best Windows Phone handset around right now, and a serious contender for flagship of the year. Read the full Nokia Lumia 930 review on uSwitch

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Three users get free WIFI on London Underground

Numerical mobile phone network Three is the latest network to join Virgin Media’s wholesale partnership, allowing its customers to freely access fast WIFI on the London Underground.

This will be at no extra cost and is set to become available by the end of July.

Three joins O2, Vodafone, EE and also Virgin Media on this service – offering the capability to be able to check social networks, web sites and emails, while they are in the station.

That is from the ticket hall, to the escalators, on the platforms and to the actual tube (not in the tunnels).

This is all within 137 tube stations, with 7 more coming on board next week – including Edgware Road and Ealing Broadway.

Three’rs can sign up for the service when entering the station for the first time, with a password then being passed along.

“Giving our customers access to free WiFi on the London underground is another step towards them being able to enjoy the benefits of being connected no matter where they are.”, said Danny Dixon, director of customer strategy, Three.

“Our customers will also have the added benefit of being able to use our new Three InTouch app, which means they will be able to surf the web, as well as make and receive calls and texts when they are in Wi-Fi enabled London tube stations.”

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 OS rolls out

Microsoft owned mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has announced the Lumia Cyan update is being deployed to Nokia handsets running Windows Phone 8.

Coming with this update is Windows Phone 8.1: the new update to the Microsoft mobile phone platform.

This builds in the Action Center, with its one swipe access to settings and notifications on the phone.

There is also the introduction of a third column of live titles on the home screen, once only a feature of the phablet – Nokia’s Lumia 1520.

It will also have a swipe-esque WordFlow keyboard, plus the personal assistant, Cortana.

The latter will be available in the USA first of all, where it is due to arrive in the UK at a later date.

Microsoft has enhanced the camera experience, with better access to pics, editing them and sharing.

This OS also allows the installing of apps to a microSD card, where the phone supports it, and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 audio recording – in the 1520 and new, Nokia Lumia 930.

Microsoft Devices has said that it expects the update to be available to the full range of devices in the coming weeks, where it is starting with the 920 and 625 – in the UK.

Three brings free 0800 calling to SIMO

Numerical mobile phone network Three has brought in its free 0800 calling offer to its SIM Only plans, while introducing lower costs to other numbers.


Those are the likes of numbers starting with 084 and 087, which are now capped at 5p a minute.

These changes were first introduced in Three’s pay monthly plans, mid-March.

The SIMO plans have a range of data allowances attached, with 500MB; 1GB; 2GB; 4GB and its famed, all-you-can-eat bundle.

These have voice packages with 200 minutes; 600 and unlimited minutes – which start at £7 for 12 month plans.

1 month plans start at £13 a month, with a 1GB data allowance, plus 600 minutes.

These all have an unlimited text message offering, no matter what tariff.

Tethering has been expanded to 4GB, on plans that support that offering – with this coming to handsets on contracts, next year.

“People want choice and control so they are able to enjoy their devices without worrying about bill shock. These SIM-only plans give them exactly that.”, said Three’s Marketing Director, Tom Malleschitz.

“They’ll also benefit from free 0800 numbers and with Feel At Home customers can use the internet and call and text home while in Australia, France, Italy, the USA and twelve other countries out of their UK allowance.”