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Windows Phone 7.8 arriving this week; details leaked and support for 18 months

Seattle software developer Microsoft has reportedly completed the updated to Windows Phone 7, known as Windows phone 7.8 .

Windows Phone news website has published an article off the back of a Nokia and Microsoft developer’s event in Singapore.

It noted: “There our tipster, and all the other attendees, were told by the head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer himself that Windows Phone 7.8 has RTM’ed this week, and that we should expect the update to be released to devices in a matter of days to weeks, but certainly not all the way into 2013.”

“He also confirmed Windows Phone 7.8 will not receive IE10 as the browser was fully hardware accelerated, which Windows Phone 7.8 hardware did not support.”

Chinese Windows Phone online new site has run details of Nokia’s Windows Phone 7.8 training material, which contain what is coming in the OS update.

That website has stated that it will have the same choice of live titles as Windows Phone 8, where there are 20 different colours and three sizes; IE browser security upgrades; support for editing MP3 music files as ringtones; lock screen set to Bing wallpaper and so on.

“In addition, the Nokia Lumia series phone for more new features: support Bluetooth to share multimedia files (DRM-protected); increase in mobile phone ringtone editing application; contacts transfer / sharing application upgrade.”, added the title.

Russian Windows Phone news website notes there will be 18 months of support for Windows Phone 7.8. This is from details released to Twitter, from the official Windows Phone account within that country.

This information is supported by a piece on the German Windows Phone online site It has published a leaked slide from a 25-page Nokia document that has details of a Windows Phone 7.x update coming, after the 7.8 refresh rolls out.


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