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Three increases cost of One Plan, with 4G launch around the corner


Numerical mobile phone network Three has increased the prices of its tariffs, ahead of its 4G network going live – which Omio has spotted.

Three famously said that it was “to offer 4G at no extra cost”, where it now appears it has increased the costs of its unlimited and tethering – perhaps to cover this network upgrade, after all.

That could put it in line with the likes of O2 and Vodafone, which charge a premium for 4G tariffs – when compared to 3G.

Three has increased the price of its One Plan, both monthly and also 30-day.

It has upped the price from £15 a month to £20, on the 12-month contract, and from £18 to £23 – on the month-by-month plan.

These are the tariffs that include the infamous all-you-can-eat data, with its truly no-holds-barred data allowances.

They both also include tethering, as a part of the setup – where you could effectively replace it, with your home broadband.

This would be by using a mobile as a wifi router, which will have comparable speeds, with the likes of BT Infinity and Virgin fibre.

That will be when 4G arrives with the network, in which we have reported will be at that start of March (not at the end of Q1) – in London, Reading, Birmingham and Manchester.


A Three spokesperson has now responded to our piece, with the following:

we review our pricing from time to time. We think these deals remain strong offers. There is no extra cost for 4G on Three. We do not charge different prices for 3G and 4G services. Our 1-month rolling The One Plan sim was £25 in June last year, it was reduced to £18 in August and now sits at £23. It has nothing to do with 4G.”

Rob Kerr