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Sony Ericsson Aino Now Available For Pre-Order, October 5th UK Release Date!


All those who like their media on the move should mark October 5th in their calendars as the Sony Ericsson Aino is due for release, with pre-order deals already available on Omio!

Happiest in landscape mode, the Aino works a personal media player with 3″ full touch display when closed, switching to a traditional slider handset when the keypad is revealed.

Equally competent as a camera phone, the Aino sports an 8.1 megapixel camera with face detection, digital zoom, A-GPS with Wayfinder turn-by-turn navigation and geotagging support.

The ability to Remote Play media from a Playstation 3 has been pitched as a major Aino plus point, allowing movies, videos and pictures from your console to be accessed over 3G or Wi-Fi, wherever you are!

Unfortunately not stretching to play PS3 games, the jury’s out on whether the VidZone music on demand service also works on Aino, although it does on the PSP so we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

If you’d rather sample some fresh content, the Sony Ericsson Aino supports the PlayNow Arena service for downloading the latest and greatest content, specifically formatted for the device.

With the addition of bundled wireless headphones, an 8GB microSD card and a charging dock that allows PC syncing over Wi-Fi with MediaGo, the Aino is certainly shaping up to be the ultimate device for music and movies on the go.

With a free handset available on a £25, 24-month tariff with 400 minutes and unlimited texts, the Aino looks set to serve well as an affordable mobile entertainment centre…and a gorgeous phone to boot!

Check out the first Sony Ericsson Aino deals on Omio, and the video below for a look at it in action!

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Ernest Doku