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Smartphone Popularity Finally Overtakes Feature Phones In Japan

Japan has always been…unique when it comes to mobiles, and some interesting stats are showing the island nation is warming to the idea of the smartphone.

New data out of number-cruching outfit ComScore shows that Japan bought more smartphones than feature-packed ‘dumb’ phones for the first time ever in the three months leading up to February 2012, with 1 in 5 now owning a souped-up mobile device.

The most popular handset maker out there is Sharp, with 23.5% of the 4,000 folks surveyed owning a handset from the Japanese electronics manufacturer.

More interesting still is the split between operating systems, with Android accounting for a whopping 61.4% of the market and Apple’s iOS making up 34.2%.


Having leveraged Google’s Android and their own LCD display-making nous, Sharp’s AQUOS series of handsets have proved enduringly popular, followed by Panasonic (13.8%), Fujitsu (11.8%), NEC (9.7%) and Sony (7.5%), the top five entirely ruled by Japanese firms.

Apple may be in eighth place in Japan and enjoying a relatively meagre 6.5% market share, but they were also the biggest climbers, with a 1.6% gain on November 2011.

Windows Phone is on a slight slide in contrast, dropping from 5.7% to 3.9% within the same period.

With Panasonic and Fujitsu both pledging to make the leap into international mobile markets this year (the former’s Eluga device already available to buy in the UK), how long before we see Sharp making a concerted effort to topple the likes of Apple on US soil?

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