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Samsung Galaxy S4 to feature 4.99-inch 1080p display

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is reportedly going to include a 4.99-inch full definition screen in a mobile phone, during the first three months of this year. This could possibly be in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Omio - Samsung 4.99-inch 1080 slide

This information comes from an article on the online technology news title AnandTech, from a slide captured at Las Vegas CES – last week.

It states: “I got a chance to look at some of Samsung Displays’ new and upcoming products, probably one of the highlights of my CES 2013 experience.”

“I also caught a glimpse of what might possibly be the display headed to the next generation Samsung Galaxy smartphone.”

“On display was an example roadmap of Samsung AMOLED displays, and at the far right slated for Q1 2013 launch is a Full HD 1080P display 4.99-inches diagonal with 440 PPI.”

“I didn’t get close enough to be able to see what the subpixel geometry or stripe was, but 440PPI underneath and the fact that it’s the successor to the 5.55″ display (from the Note 2) makes me think this is likely RGB. “

“I strongly suspect this display will find its way into whatever Galaxy S 4 ends up being”, added the website.

Omio published a leaked press picture of the purported Galaxy S4 recently, where this latest piece of info supports that screen’s size.

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