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Samsung Galaxy S4 priced at £30 a month with Tesco Mobile, no upfront cost

Popular high-street grocery store mobile phone arm, Tesco Mobile, has made public its tariffs for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 – although it isn’t available, yet.

Tesco Mobile has put a note on its website, which reads:

We’re really sorry but we’ve not received the amount of stock that Samsung promised us.”

We’re expecting some in very soon, we’ll keep you updated here.”

However, it has listed the 4G-ready Galaxy S4 starting at £30 a month, which is accompanied with 250 minutes, a 5,000 text message bundle and a 500MB data allowance.

The S4 is available on other tariffs, with costs rising to £35, £40 and £45 a month.

These all have no fees for the mobile phone and the same text amount as the first tariff.

They differ by offering 750, 1,500 and 3,000 minutes – respectively. The data limit also increases to 1GB, 2GB and 3GB.

Tesco Mobile has stated the Samsung Galaxy S4 will get access to a 4G network, when O2 enables their own – later this year. TM is a mobile virtual network operator, running from O2′s network.

We have recently run several hands-on pictures sets of the mobile phone, including the S4; its OS and UI; features and a video walkthrough of the Galaxy S4.

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Rob Kerr