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Samsung Galaxy S3 reaches 30 million sales

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has hit another milestone of late, by selling 30 million of its flagship Galaxy S III mobile phones.

Omio - Samsung Galaxy S 3 30 million

This follows on from three million Samsung Galaxy Note II handsets sold in just 37 days, which Omio reported on at the end of last week.

The Samsung Galaxy S III figures were first made public from the Polish arm of Samsung, via Facebook and over Twitter and then by Samsung, globally.

That number was only at 20 million in September, where in a few short months another 10 million has been racked up – and since the device was unveiled in May.

The original Samsung Galaxy S hit the 10 million mark in 2011 and a year later the S II managed 20 million.

More recently, Samsung rolled out the Android Jelly Bean update to its S III mobile phones – putting it on par with the likes of the HTC One and HTC One X+ (which ships with that platform).

We believe these sales figures are set to increase even more and at a higher rate, as we are now entering the Christmas sales period – when gifts are bought in abundance.

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