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UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy S 3 Jelly Bean update not available to all customers

Omio reported last week that the Google mobile phone operating system, Android 4.1, was being rolled out to Samsung Galaxy S III handsets on Three.

Three was the first UK network to announce that its customers were gaining the update, which was closely followed by similar announcements by O2 and Vodafone.

We have now discovered that there is an issue with this: the update isn’t being deployed to Galaxy S 3 mobile phones, purchased elsewhere.

At Omio towers, we’re on a Three One Plan contract but have still yet to receive the Jelly Bean update on our Samsung Galaxy S 3 handset.

We tried the usual method of settings, about device, software update and then update – and many times, since we first wrote that article.

But to no avail. We have also factory reset the device, just to make sure we had a vanilla version of the phone, with the same result reached each time.

We got in touch with Three to determine if this was a known issue, to receive the following response.

“If the phone is unbranded, you will need to wait for the Samsung open-market update (even if you have a Three SIM.)”

This means that despite having a mobile phone on the first network that began deploying the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, we will have to wait – as we have a SIM free and unlocked Galaxy S III.

There are bound to be others in the same boat; surely networks should roll out the update at the same time, to all its customers?


Three has shed some more light on the update situation. The network only manages software updates on branded phones and Samsung, the unbranded Galaxy S III handsets.


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Rob Kerr