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Samsung Galaxy Note III to feature 360 photo capture

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is reportedly going to include its beyond 350 degree S Orb feature, in the purported Samsung Galaxy Note III mobile phone.

This was a function that was rumoured to be in the Samsung Galaxy S4 handset, but wasn’t announced at the launched event for the device.

It offers a complete 360 degree panoramic picture capture, up, down, left, right – all around.

Google has a similar feature in its latest version of the Android Jelly Bean platform, called PhotoSphere.

Omio first saw this in action with the LG Made Nexus 4, where a picture was captured with this, on top of the O2 Arena, in London.

The news of the re-entry into the Samsung upcoming phone, thought to be unveiled at Berlin’s IFA event in August, comes from Android Geeks.

That site was the source of the original news, where it has since been in contact with the software engineer who was its source for the info.

He confirmed the Samsung Galaxy Note III will ship with S Orb, out of the box.

It was also noted that the company is working closely with Facebook, in order to integrate it with their website.

The Android PhotoSphere function works with Google+, where FB will open S Orb to a wider market.

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Rob Kerr