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Nokia maps now available in Apple App Store

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has released its mapping application for the Apple iOS based devices, known as HERE.

Nokia unveiled HERE last week as the new name of its online-based map service, while announcing that will be the name of the app for Apple devices – for the iPhone, iPad and Touch owners (on iOS 4.3+).

It is based on the NAVTEQ mapping data that is used in 90 per cent of in-car navigation systems.

HERE allows you to discover places nearby, search those locations and see where you are – offering directions on foot, by car or public transport.

There are live traffic views, satellite and one for buses and trains. It also features the the ability to save the map area and use it when there isn’t a data connection.

The maps covers almost 200 countries, where in selected ones there can be a community user updated version.

Built-in to the app is step-by-step voice guided walking navigation, with pedestrian routes offering directions through the likes of parks and down alleyways.

It also offers a sharing feature from a simple tap, which delivers location and how to get there. This is over social networking, email and text message.

HERE iTunes link

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Rob Kerr