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Nokia Lumia 720: hands-on pictures

Omio has spent some hands-on time with the recently announced Nokia Lumia 720, which is due to arrive in the UK around May.

The original Lumia 710 was unveiled at the same time as the first Nokia windows Phone handset, the 800, with more or less the same features – only with a low costing screen, and cheaper price.

The 720 (the 710′s successor) follows a similar tone, but with more lower-end abilities – such as no 4G LTE access.

It shares the same screen size as the 820, at 4.3-inches. Although, it is TFT and not AMOLED, and the device has the same dual-core 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage – as the 520 and 620.

The images below highlight the Lumia 720 in hand, showing its overall form factor – where the rear can have a snap-on cover, for wireless charging.

Moving on from there is the applications menu, showing that Nokia Maps is now called Here – following on from the rebranding.

Finally, the new place tag app that allows you to create postcards from phones, and the about screen of the mobile phone.

Nokia Lumia 720 (1)

Nokia Lumia 720 (2)

Nokia Lumia 720 (3)

Nokia Lumia 720 (4)

Nokia Lumia 720 (5)

Nokia Lumia 720 (6)

Nokia Lumia 720 (7)


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