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New unknown Motorola Android mobile phone seen online

Google owned company Motorola has seen a yet-to-be-announced handset appear online, in a hands-on video and images – with a possible design influence from its parent company.

Omio - unknown Motorola mobile phone

At Mobile World Congress, Marcus Frost, Senior Marketing Director, EMEA at Motorola Mobility told us “We’re working on some cool stuff” – this could be that very mobile phone

There is a rumoured Motorola X handset coming this year, which could be launched at the Google I/O 2013 event, but it isn’t thought to be that device.

Vietnamese website Tinh.te has published hands-on video and images, along with a related article – as covered by tech news site The Verge.

It notes that it doesn’t have the appearance of the recent Kevlar-coated RAZR Motorola phones of late, as seen on the RAZR HD and RAZR i.

This is along with adding that it doesn’t look much more like a mid-range handset, and the subtle M logo is welcomed change to the regular Motorola wording.

Omio believes that the look of the device, with its more rounded edges, gives the appearance of the Nexus 4. That is compared to the squarer LG Optimus G version, which contains the same hardware (perhaps the design influence by Google).

Motorola did hint to us that the cool stuff will be soon, and to watch this space.

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