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New Apple iPhone 5S leaked

Cupertino iDevice maker Apple has purportedly had its next iPhone 5 leaked in a set of photos, of a device that is thought to be called the iPhone 5S.

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These images have been published on the parts and supply website ETrade Supply, from a forum post iphone5parts.

Its article states: “Some former rumors on the internet said that Apple will release its 7th generation of iPhone in the first half of 2013. However, the latest news said that its released date will be some day next summer.When the media are still speculating the reliability of these rumors, a couple of rear housing pictures of suspected new iPhone were found in the web.”

“The photographer has showed the front and rear side of the housing, which looks very similar to the iPhone 5.However, the reason why we say it is a suspected iPhone 5s rear housing is that the specific information below the logo, which are replaced by “X”.

“Usually, the parts with “X” stand for test prototype. Inside the rear housing, we can find some changes when comparing it with iPhone 5. First, the “iPhone 5s” has two less screw holes on the left side which are used to fasten the LCD. Second, the position of 3 screw holes used to fasten the logic board has been removed (not sure whether caused by the change of logic board)”, added the title.

Apple has repeated the S branding before, not once, but twice. This was with the 2010 iPhone 4 that was slightly enhanced in 2011, and was called the iPhone 4S.

The 2008 iPhone 3G, was released with some improvements in 2009, under the iPhone 3GS name – where the iPhone 5S rumoured moniker might actually be a reality.

Stay tuned to Omio and we’ll bring you more on this, but we expect we are sometime away from hearing anything concrete.

Omio - iPhone-5S-rear-housing

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