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Mobile Phone Review Round Up: Samsung Galaxy Note, Nokia Lumia 710, BlackBerry Bold 9790

Want to know the general tech consensus of some of the latest mobile phones? Check out  a pick of the top reviews, right here!

Samsung Galaxy Note Reviews


The huge size of the Galaxy Note is the main reason to buy it: no other smartphone has such a big, beautiful screen.

However, the size also creates a number of issues, short battery life and sheer unwieldiness being chief among them. If you can live with these drawbacks, you’ll find that this is one of the most powerful Android smart phones around, tackling apps and media with aplomb.


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There are very few things we can complain about with the Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung has taken what is already a brilliant handset and built on it to make an even better one.

The problem is – is it a handset or is it a tablet? In our mind, forget the ‘S-Pen’ and just concentrate on this being a large phone and PMP and you can’t go wrong. And then, the only choice you have to make is “is it too big for me?”


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Large in size, humongous in potential, the Samsung Galaxy Note might not be a first smartphone for the masses, what it is however, is a device that will enhance the experience of many a business user.

The Note’s only downfall in popularity is in how much it has limited its prospective target audience.


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BlackBerry Bold 9790 Reviews


With its weighty price tag and corporate looks, the Bold 9790 is unlikely to be the BlackBerry you buy yourself…even BlackBerry’s faithful teenage army will either be priced out or put off by its steely feel.

For all other smart phone users, BlackBerry 7 OS on the Bold 9790 doesn’t offer anything show-stopping enough to make this handset worth considering over the vastly surperior Android and Apple operating systems — thanks to its paucity of apps and the dated, text-heavy interface lurking beneath its shiny surface.


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If you were to take the BlackBerry Bold 9900 out of the equation and judge the BlackBerry Bold 9790 on its own merits, you could quite confidently say it’s a cracking little phone.

We’re not massively excited by it but, geek-speak aside, just the specs alone make it worthy of a £350/$450 SIM-free price tag.


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Nokia Lumia 710 Reviews


From £15 per month on a two-year contract, the Nokia Lumia 710 is a very respectable mid-range smart phone, with a beefy 1.4GHz chip and a slick OS. We welcome high-end features such as Nokia’s free streaming music and sat-nav apps, and Microsoft’s suite of Office and cloud storage services.

If you’re a huge fan of Facebook and are particularly partial to Windows Phone, the 710 is a decent mid-range choice. For everyone else, your money will go further if you buy into iOS’ or Android’s much more mature app markets.


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Although we would buy the Nokia Lumia 710 over the HTC Radar, it’s overshadowed by the Nokia Lumia 800, which impressed us a lot more and makes the Nokia Lumia 710 feel more like its cheaper relative than we would have liked. We know that the phone costs less, but the cost savings feel too apparent.


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Don’t view the Nokia Lumia 710 as the poor man’s Lumia 800. This is a cracking budget smartphone in its own right: it feels more reliable and much faster than the average budget Android phone, and the tile-based Windows Phone 7 user interface is a joy to poke around.


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