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MiFi Explained: What Is Mobile Wi-Fi?

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Mobile broadband has changed, and its name is MiFi.

Things have come a long way from dongles to a single laptop and USB ports, and MiFi – short for Mobile WiFi – allows multiple devices to connect to a wireless modem.

This sends out a Wi-Fi signal so that you can connect a range of Wi-Fi enabled devices to the internet without wires or a USB connection. No fixed-line is needed; you simply need coverage from your provider to connect.

Hook up a laptop, download music from iTunes and battle with friends on your Xbox at the same time, all from a single portable source and all using a mobile network’s coverage!

With both 3 and Vodafone launching their own wireless solutions in the coming months, now is a good time to see whether MiFi is the future for you!

There are a few pros and cons to consider before switching to using a Mobile broadband Wi-Fi modem, and we’ve found a great MiFi guide to explain exactly what a world without wires can do for you!

3′s solution will be available on a £15 one month rolling contract offering 5GB of data and a £69.99 modem from Thursday 17th September (online), whilst Vodafone’s offering will turn up later in the year.

An interesting pay-as-you-go alternative from 3 UK gives 3GB of data – to be used over 3 months – for an upfront charge of £99.99. After that, the modem reverts to a prepay device.

The choice and freedom that MiFi brings to the broadband market is huge, and a great logical step beyond the sole-use dongle.

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