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Microsoft rolls out Windows Phone 8 update

Seattle software developer Microsoft has deployed its first over the air (OTA) update to its new Windows Phone 8 operating system, to the HTC 8X flagship handset.

This has been reported by Microsoft operating system news title Windows Phone Central, following from an article on the Italian website WPCentras.

It notes: “We just got tipped that the HTC 8X (international) is receiving the first over-the-air update for the Windows Phone 8 OS. The update brings the OS to 10211 (up from build 9905) and brings fixes for rebooting plus adding the “keep Wi-Fi alive” feature, allowing a persistent WLAN connection when the display is off”

“The update, called Portico, took about 10 minutes to download and for the device to prepare. Once we agreed to the update, the device reboot itself and launched into a “moving gears” mode whereby the OS was clearly patching itself.”

“That process took another 10 minutes or so at which point the OS rebooted and reloaded. Once there, the OS did a migration of our data (in four steps). That process took another 5 minutes or so, at which point we were brought to the full newly updated OS”, added the publication.

The older OS, Windows Phone 7, could only be updated by connecting to a computer and from the Microsoft desktop Zune software.

This new way of deploying updates will put the WP8 on par with the likes of Android and Apple iOS. It is unsure if the Windows Phone 7.8 update to older devices will introduce this feature, although it is expected to bring in Windows Phone 8 features.

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Rob Kerr