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Microsoft making a Surface mobile phone

Seattle based software developers Microsoft is reportedly developing a mobile phone version of its Surface tablet.

Omio - Microsoft logoThis news has been published by Windows Phone news website MonWindowsPhone, in France.

The article relates to a device known as the Juggernaut Alpha, which is thought to be the Surface mobile phone codename.

“The latest information we confirmed that the Juggernaut Alpha had been spotted in the local Microsoft with its IP address. This time, a developer who wished to remain anonymous gives us some information about the phone”, stated the site via a Google translation.

It went on to add that these were:

Firmware Version: redmond_83012_123215,

Windows Phone: 8.0.9903.0

InterfaceType: MobileBroadbandGsm

LongitudeWGS, LatitudeWGS: -122.140942811966, 47.6432204246521 ( / maps /? q = 47.6432204246521, -122.140942811966 )

While adding – “With GPS coordinates extracted by the developer, so we know that the famous device was used in the studio H Microsoft Redmond. Perhaps he designed this place? According to the logs dating from October 13, we also learn that it is CDMA and not GSM and it has a version of Windows Phone 8 most recent as seen previously (build 8.0.903.0 8.0.900.0 cons).”

Steve Ballmer noted last week that Microsoft was becoming a service company, and a product one.

We have already seen this with the Xbox and more recently with the Surface tablet, which has just gone on pre-order.

The publication finished with: “there remains almost no doubt that Windows Phone made by Microsoft will emerge.”

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Rob Kerr