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LG Unveils Optimus Smartphone Trio, ‘L-Style’ Design Philosophy

Not content with spicing up smartphone aesthetics with their PRADA branded handset, Korean manufacturer LG has unveiled their new range of sleek and seductive Optimus devices – the L3, L5 and L7 (pictured above, left to right).

With all three under the the banner of ‘L-Style’ – a new design identity that promises to offer gorgeous mobiles with equally strong specs – the phone maker wishes to rekindle the affections once present in Black Label fashion phones like the Chocolate and the Shine.

“With smartphones, we sometimes took a more functional approach to design but with L-Style we’re going back to our roots as a company focused on how our products fit into the lifestyle of our customers,” said LG’s CEO Dr. Jong-seok Park, realising recent handsets might have lost their way a little…

It seems safe to assume from the image above that all will be running on a lightly customised Android operating system…the Optimus name cant be trusted as it has had dalliances with Windows Phone in the past.

Digging a little deeper into what L-Style means, the design philosophy is apparently comprised of five aesthetic elements: Modern Square Style (nice to hold), Floating Mass Technology (skinnier), Seamless Layout (putting buttons in the right places), Harmonized Design Contrast (metallic accents), and a Sensuous Slim Shape (looking nice).

Not too dissimilar from the five elements of hip-hop, really.

First up to bat will be the Optimus L3 which is currently scheduled for a March European launch, whilst features and functions of all three will be unveiled in full at Mobile World Congress later in the month.

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