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iPhone 5 Coming to Tesco Mobile: We Break Down The Costs

Tesco Mobile has released full pricing for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 today, with 12 month contracts on offer.

Unfortunately, Tesco Mobile is not taking iPhone 5 pre-orders, but will be stocking them in-store as well as online. Those of you who absolutely must have it as soon as its released may not wish to wait, but those with a bit of patience and an eye for a bargain may wish to keep these tariffs in mind…

Also bear in mind that if you havent pre-ordered already, you may be in for a few week’s wait as the iPhone 5′s record breaking preorder figures recently doubled that of the iPhone 4s, with 2million sold in 24 hours.

If you aren’t familiar with Tesco’s mobile venture, then you can be safe knowing it piggybacks onto O2′s network, and has made a name for itself providing some of the more competitive mobile contacts going.

Here at Omio we have collated the available tariffs including the TCO total cost of ownership, for the handset and contract, over the course of the agreement, with the lowest costing contracts generally involving a larger outlay for the cost of the handset. You can compare the figures to the cost of other carriers here.


In the meantime, feel free to browse and compare a wide range of iPhone deals on Omio’s Deals page.




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Philip Rust