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HTC: Ultrapixel camera and BlinkFeed coming to other HTC mobile phones

We caught up with HTC at Mobile World Congress last week, where we put the questions to the company – “Are there aspects of HTC One that could come to lower end phones? Could the Ultrapixel camera be coming to mid-range handsets?”

Phil Roberson, Head of HTC UK and Ireland responded with: “Absolutely”

“We look at services such as Blink feed, which we are looking to support across as many products as possible”

“It will take time, as we develop the new services, as that becomes more of a sense experience”

“Sense is still really the core of what we are doing on Android, and BlinkFeed is sitting on top of the core of sense – and that will start to roll out as we go through the year”

“Wherever the technology is possible, we’re looking to take as much of the technology and enrich all of our customers”

We asked if the Ultrapixel camera and its associated technology could run on dual-core processors, which are found in the mid-range mobile phones.

“It could … the core is around the sensor and the image chip that we are using”

“We’ve got dedicated silicon, in terms of the processing that comes off of the sensor”

“However, the Qualcomm chipset [used in the HTC One] does enable a lot of this to happen”

“The ability to take HD video and high-res images at the same time is powered by the quad-core on the device, as well”

“There will be certain technical challenges, but the tech does support the other elements of it which we can take to other parts of the portfolio”

Omio enquired if Ultrapixel could even come to low-end handsets?

“A lot depends on what you define low-end, really.”

“If you look at what we did on the One V [2012 entry-level One series phone]; that had the same image chip as we had on the One X”

“There is definitely the potential to take it into those spaces”

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