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HTC: there will be no more HTC One mobile phones

Omio has had a briefing with a senior HTC member of staff at MWC, where we have had confirmation that there will be no more HTC One named handsets this year.

We spoke to Phil Roberson, head of HTC UK and Ireland, and put the question to him – will there be any more HTC One branded handsets coming out this year.

This relates to the HTC One series being launched at Mobile World Congress 2012, with the flagship HTC One X, mid-range One S and entry-level One V.

Last week saw the launch of the HTC One, with no extra letter or number after the name of the handset.

That was a device formerly known by the codename of HTC M7, where we also had confirmation at the briefing that M7 was only ever going to be the internal name for the handset – and not its official launch name.

Phil Roberson stated, in response to our question – “HTC One is the flagship device”

“Last year we had the X and the S, where people had different personal preferences between the two”

“We just said, let’s just create one flagship device for this year”

We then reiterated the initial question for final confirmation: “So, there won’t be any more HTC something’s this year?”

Roberson replied – “No; this is The One”.

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