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Google Nexus One on Vodafone: Registration Starts Today

Good news for those wanting their official UK Google phone fix, Vodafone has finally opened up their site for consumers to register interest in the Nexus One.

Previously only available as a SIM-free device from Google themselves, Vodafone’s registration for the Nexus One on their ‘coming soon’ page marks a move into pay monthly for the search giant’s debut in the mobile market.

The Vodafone site wants you to be pretty forthcoming with your details however, requiring a mobile number, current mobile provider, whether you are currently on contract or prepay and even the date your contract runs out! Looking to snap up some new customers at any opportunity, eh Voda?

It is also important to note that these are not pre-orders for the device – pricing and a release more concrete than April has yet to be revealed – but it shows that the march of the Android phones is continuing unabated.

The Nexus One is the next stage in the evolution of Android, an imposing device sporting the new 2.1 build of the operating system, a 5 megapixel camera, 3.7″ capacitive touchscreen and touch-sensitive controls.

The actual method of purchasing the Nexus One from Vodafone stores is still unclear however, we got word earlier that they won’t be stocking the device in stores, but rather giving you a SIM and then showing you where to go and buy one. Which is from Google.

Can’t be bothered to wait? Then the cosmetically (and karmically) close HTC Desire is also due to our shores very soon…check out our comparison of the latest HTC Desire deals ahead of its April 1st release!

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