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Even more pictures of the Nokia Lumia EOS 41-megapixel appear online, now running on EE

Finnish mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has seen another day of photo leaks of its purported 41-megapixel Windows Phone Lumia EOS, and with a review.


These follow the first shots of its alleged bare bone chassis, two days ago, and then much more detailed images of the actual completed phone – with its large camera and apparent OLED screen and build, similar to that of the Nokia Lumia 925/920.

Pics of the rear case have now turned up online, showing a big camera hole and two pins for possible wireless charging snap-on case.

WMPoweruser reported these could have been leaked from a production facility in China, as they came from Weibo.

This colour now adds to the yellow and grey versions already seen, indicating the possibly named Nokia EOS will be around in many colours.

The next outing of a photo comes from one of yesterday’s sources, the twitter user @vizileaks.

It shows the yet-to-be-announced Nokia phone up and running, with the screen powered on and an EE network logo (bottom left panel).

That twitterer has also posted a mini review to its blog, detailing first hand use of the phone – here.

Interestingly, it notes “The Camera is marked with XX Megapixel, however we don’t think this is some new quirky marketing lingo, instead, it’s to further keep the phone specs undercover or they haven’t decided how many megapixels to market it with yet; 33? 40? 41?

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