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EE: Orange and T-Mobile won’t be getting a 4G service

Formerly Everything Everywhere, now the 4G EE mobile phone network and umbrella company has been in touch with Omio to confirm that it won’t be offering 4G to its existing 3G customers.

This came from an enquiry to all the UK’s current non-4G networks, relating to 4G-ready mobile phones that are currently being sold.

We wanted to know if the contracts and SIM cards bundled with those handsets will be able to gain access to a 4G signal, when their 4G networks launch; and will they have access to all the same allowances.

EE initially came back with the following:

Orange and T-Mobile are 3G brands only so customers would need to move to EE if they would like to use 4G.”

When we pushed them for more, a spokesperson responded with -

There are no plans to launch 4G on Orange and T-Mobile. As below, EE is our 4G brand.

That establishes once and for all that the other two networks that are a part of the EE umbrella company, won’t be getting 4G.

This is even more confusing when you realise that both Orange and T-Mobile have sections on their website entitled ‘4G ready phones, full of those types of handsets.

Ready for what, exactly? They won’t be able to get access to a 4G signal, unless they switch to the 4G EE network.

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Rob Kerr
  • jmcomms

    It does seem odd, but it’s presumably because the EE 4G tariffs are higher.

    However, once every network has 3G then it would seem silly not to let anyone with a 4G handset use 4G if it’s available.. and I doubt any network would be able to charge a premium either.

    Orange did the same with 3G, with many people forced to upgrade to get 3G or be stuck with 2G and GPRS data. However, a while ago, Orange quietly upgraded these 2G-only SIM cards to work on 3G, presumably as it was easier to do so than keep a register of SIM cards that weren’t allowed to register on 3G.

    So, contrary to what EE said, it may happen… eventually!

  • Mike Gardiner

    So I was mis-sold my new contract earlier this year then by an orange sales staff who said I would migrate to the new 4G network!

    Thanks orange for lying to me! When your ring orange they states they offer excellent customer service all they do is cut you off, change your tariff without your permission but charge for a 4g network that you I will not get….. Great news!