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Desire White and Silver Wildfire: Colourful (And Colourless) HTC Handsets Now Available For Pre-Order

Not content with stealing our hearts and showing off Android’s prowess as an operating system, HTC have daubed their popular Desire and Wildfire handsets in brand new hues before shipping them off as exclusives to the Carphone Warehouse.

The HTC Desire White (above) evokes fond memories of early Android phones like with the T-Mobile G1 and HTC Magic, whilst the silver HTC Wildfire (seductively presenting its rear below) brings yet another colourway to the stylish sawn off device, adding to the red, white, black and brown variants.

Both are currently available for pre-order from Carphone Warehouse and, the Wildfire on contract from £20 per month and the powerful Desire for just a fiver more, with stock slated for October 1st.

Looking for a Google-powered phone that stands out from the crowd a little? You could certainly do worse than opting for one of this porcelain pair…

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Ernest Doku