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CloudOn: Microsoft Office App Available For UK iPad Users

If you’re tired of the “will they, won’t they” surrounding Microsoft releasing their suite of Office software on Apple’s iPad, CloudOn brings presentations and spreadsheets to your device right now.

Working in conjunction with cloud-based file sharing platform Dropbox, CloudOn enables users to edit Word documents, go crazy with V-Lookups in Excel as well as manipulate Powerpoint files.

Despite a reliance on Dropbox for file editing, the need for a constant web connection and support for only Office 2010 documents, CloudOn has at least made it to Blighty…cloud gaming service OnLive also offers an iPad app named Desktop which offers a slightly broader ‘Windows on a tablet’ experience, yet it is currently restricted to US folk.

Whilst laggy on occasion and a somewhat fiddly leap to a touch-driven Windows interface, CloudOn is free, here, and fairly robust for those looking for Office on the smaller screen.

Download it here.

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Ernest Doku