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UPDATE: BlackBerry 10 OS L-Series mobile phone leaked in best photos to date – now with a hands-on video

Canadian email phone maker Research In Motion has had its purported upcoming full touch screen L-Series handset published online, in a set of very clear pictures.

Omio - BlackBerry L-Series (1)

These pictures have come from Vietnamese tech title, which obtained the handset from an unnamed source.

The website states that it looks identical to the device that has been leaked before, thought to be known as the L-Series.

It also notes that it doesn’t have the square corners of the Developer Alpha B handset and has more rounded ones, where it feels very comfortable in both hands.

The company is expected to officially announce this handset at the end of January, along with a QWERTY keyboard-based device – both of which will run the new BlackBerry 10 OS (which we have already reviewed here).

This is based on its tablet operating system that has been delayed several times, and has been pushed back until the early part of 2013.

RIM hasn’t released a new mobile phone since April this year, where at the time of the expected launch, 9 months would have passed and by the time they come to market – a possible 10 or longer.

This is a very long time for any company not to have a new product in the marketplace and all eyes will be on Research In Motion to see if the BlackBerry 10 OS will be a success, or not, as was the case with its tablet.


The source of these photos has now published a hands-on video of the BlackBerry 10 OS run L-Series, offering a glimpse of what is to come – next year.

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