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Apple iPad Mini prices leak

Cupertino based iPhone maker Apple has had the prices outed of the yet-to-be announced small-screen iPad Mini, which starts at 249 Euros.

These details have been published on the German blog, with a screenshot taken a sales inventory system by an anonymous source.

The posting noted: “The device now available in capacities of 8, 16, 32 and 64 GB and will be listed in the colors black and white”.

the prices for the smallest version with 8 GB and WiFi-only at € 249, -. For each additional memory expansion stage additional € 100 – will be charged”, added the blog.

The rumoured 7-inch display based Apple iPad Mini could then be priced at around the £200 mark, or what is likely to happen, £199.

The purported iPad Mini is listed as arriving in a Wi-Fi version, but also as an option that can take a SIM card – for mobile broadband access.

That wasn’t believed to be a feature of the Mini, according to a news item we covered last week.

The same article also noted that Apple is believed to be launching the Apple iPad Mini on the 23rd of October.


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Rob Kerr