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Apple iPad mini photos leaked on Twitter

Cupertino based maker of the new iPad and iPhone 5, Apple, has had pictures leaked to twitter of its rumoured smaller screen iPad Mini tablet.

Omio - Apple iPad mini 1

These images have been posted to twitter from the account of @SonnyDickson, who appears to be a researcher for the Apple news enthusiast website 9to5Mac.

The photos hold some weight and credibility as that site is a reliable source of breaking Apple stories, with good access to insider knowledge about the company.

The pictures show the purported iPad Mini placed inside a large screen-based iPad, highlight the dimensions of the two tablets – where the smaller version is thought to have a display around the 7-inch mark.

They also show another size comparison. The device supported a 32GB capacity, has been placed against the rear of an Apple iPhone 5, and a regular iPad – with close up captured images.

These detail the yet-to-be-announced iPad Mini supposedly features the lightning port. That accompanied the recently launched iPhone 5, replacing the 30-pin connector.

The leaked images have come a day after Omio reported the news that Apple has ordered enough components to make 10 million of these devices, where tomorrow, the official invites are due to be sent out for the tablet’s launch event.

Omio - Apple iPad mini 2

Omio - Apple iPad mini 3

Omio - Apple iPad mini 4

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