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Apple iOS 7 dramatically changed

Cupertino based iDevice maker Apple has reportedly fundamentally changed its purported upcoming iOS 7, with this possibly causing a delay.

This is thought to relate to Jonathan Ive’s expanded role within Apple, from beyond product design, to other aspects of the company – which has seen a sweeping overhaul to the software, as a result.

There is a note to be more dramatic changes to the email and calendar tools, according to people with knowledge of the matter which did not wish to be identified.

This has been reported by business title Bloomberg, where it states engineers are racing to finish iOS 7 for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

That is with an expected September release, in time for the rumoured Apple iPhone 5S – which is believed to run the platform.

The company’s desktop staff division have been roped in to help in the completion of the operating system, according to the title.

There is even a mention that the OS won’t be as feature rich as initially projected, where changes will come in a future release.

Omio has already reported on iOS 7 this week, on several occasions.

This was where people that have been briefed, or have seen the OS, have cited that is a very flat version of the operating system.

Others have noted the interface has lost shine, where another has compared it to the Windows Phone UI.

Stay tuned to Omio and we’ll bring you more on iOS 7 heading towards WWDC, as we doubt this will be the last time we will hear about its redesign.

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Rob Kerr
  • Pacomacman

    All this is very worrying. All Apples good work in creating a robust OS go out of the window and we start all over again. I’m guessing we will see uptake of new Android versions overtaking iOS for the first time ever once iOS7 is released

  • Alastair Cooper

    If they don’t update their OS then their competitors will overtake and ultimately destroy them because it won’t be competitive.

    It also doesn’t mean that they “start all over again”. New iOS versions build on the previous codebase.

    There is a possibility that this could be the tipping point for iOS like Windows 8 though. Microsoft needs to overhaul Windows to stay relevant – at the same time they have an excellent but rapidly dating product in the previous version that many prefer, but won’t choose over competitors forever.

  • Stu Mitchell

    I agree wit Alastair. Been a massive fan of iPod/iPhone/iPad but it feels they’ve lost the ground on innovation now and Android has stolen the thunder.

    I’m not sure what they’ll come up with, but hopefully something to take back the trophy.

    Widgets perhaps (even though Steve Jobs hated the idea)? Your favourite apps take up 4 icons’ space worth, but allow animation/control inside them? Siri comes good?

    Part of the problem is that, Google always has Search behind it. It’s part of the reason why Apple Maps were so bad – you’ll never beat Google in that space now. Apple need to take it elsewhere and concentrate on what they’ve been best at: a great ecosystem and pleasing aesthetics.

  • Anthony Duncalf

    Apple got lucky with the Iphone. They managed to make people think it will make them cool if they bought it,it worked . There are better products on the market though like Android phones that have a product for every price range and more features.

  • Scott Middler

    That’s what marketing is all about. More often than not, the best product does not win, the best marketed product wins.

  • taylorluke

    Although not strictly true i see where your coming from ! But apple was not lucky back in 2007 they did make the a phone that was truly revolutionary. As time as past there are some truly great devices and apple is starting to lose its way a little. But they still sell more of there single handset than any one of the top android phones, so its not really all doom and gloom is it ?

  • relentles67

    Let’s stay objective here and stop the idiotic hate campaigns against apple.
    Have they messed up lately yes is Android a good OS yes it is is it at the same level as IOS
    yes and no it lacks reliability for example the Voice Commands do not work all the time try and call someone it is not reliable as IOS is.

    I have Android Phones and iPhones swell as both tablet versions of IOS and Android swell as google tv running android.

    I for example prefer google tv running on android then apple tv it just beats it.

    One thing were android needs to catch up is the quality of Apps it is slowly catching up but one thing which makes apple more secure is the vetting of apps.

    On the Google Play Store you will find so much trash apps which also carrying malicious code.
    On that note android lacks and this is were they need to concentrate on perhaps vetting some of this stores to proof the apps are not been tampered with.

    On the future I do think android will beat apple eventually as they are more intuitive.
    But to be honest I do not care if IOS or Android wins I only look at functionality who produces it I really could not care less.

  • Sam Yates

    Before the end of the year (if it isn’t already), android is going to be the leading smartphone OS. The ridiculous money charged for products with a half eaten apple on it is beyond stupid for what you actually get. The ONLY strength I can see is the amount of apps they have. And surprise surprise the only way you can get them is through the App store with no option to trust apps from an unknown source. Transferring music and video… again, stupid. Only on your computer/itunes (which, by the way is one of the worst pc application ever created) account can you do this. Or risk having everything deleted by syncing from any other location. God forbid you don’t use your own pc and your own itunes account! It’s just silly stuff. I don’t understand how everyone is not SICK AND TIRED of Apple’s antics. I by no means hate Apple. I have an iphone 5 but must say it does not compare in the slightest to the Samsung Galaxy S4. It eclipses the iphone completely. Apple have however brought us many many great products. But as a Consumer I have learnt that “DRAMATIC CHANGES” translates to “give us loads more money for absolutely minimal, gimmicky, pointless, barely noticeable changes.” It’s criminal and I am saying no more. However, I doubt the rest of the sheep will take notice as you’re apparently nowhere near as “cool” if you don’t have the latest Apple product!

  • taylorluke

    Yeah to a degree i can see your point but the extra features you talk about with some android phones are in practice more of a gimmick than actually helpful.

    I have used iPhones since the first for my personal use and i use android handsets mainly for work purposes. And i can safely say i prefer ios even though the os i simpler looking in practice it works seamlessly and hardly ever gives any sort of problems.

    I am now using the Note 2 for work though and i have to admit that the device is very impressive but even though it has all the bells and whistles i still at the end of the day prefer the iphone overall.

  • Friv

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