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Amplifiear: Kickstarter Project Wants To Bring Better Audio To The iPad

One of the black marks on the Apple iPad’s otherwise exemplary record is the disappointing audio output from the sole mono speaker on the rear of the device.

In an effort to bring a better sound to your tablet, a lightweight accessory dubbed ‘Amplifiear’ aims to reflect and amplify audio in an aim to boost the quality of the iPad’s standard speaker.

Another Kickstarter darling that has just broken its goal of $10,000 of funding, Amplifiear uses a simple and elegant design that clips onto the iPad and has already garnered plenty of interest.

Available at a preliminary price of $15 to those pledging funds, the Amplifiear comes in a variety of colours and looks every inch the minimalist iPhone accessory.

Expect to see it in stores before long, and take a look at it in action below.

We attempted to emulate the effect with an iPhone in a cup…which was good, but perhaps not as much as the real deal.

 Source: Kickstarter via LikeCool


Ernest Doku