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Samsung F480 Tocco Pink Rockstar And La Fleur On The Way!


What is it with slightly scary popstrel Pink and her technology endorsements? When she coined her name, did she know that any pink gadget from hair straighteners to hadron colliders would want her seal of approval?

First it was the Pink…sorry P!NK PSP and now the Samsung F480 Tocco is getting a Rockstar edition in her honour.

Much like the PSP was, the Rockstar Tocco is chock full of cool content including wallpapers, ringtones, her new album ‘Funhouse’ on a 1GB memory card and it’s also pink (obviously)!

10 lucky people also will win tickets to see her on her European tour which is completely related to the Samsung Tocco! Unfortunately, this seems to be a Germany-only release, but at an astronomical €499 for the package they can keep it!

Also due for (a Russian-only) release is the Samsung F480 La Fleur edition, lending a bit of glitz and glamour to the Tocco’s svelte frame.

Samsung La Fleur

Even a year after launch, phones like the F480 Hugo Boss edition and these new remixes of the Tocco show there’s still legs on the little Samsung touchscreen that could.

Source: GSMArena

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