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DEAL ALERT: Free Nokia Booklet 3G with X3 Touch & Type on T-Mobile £40 per month plan

Nokia are currently offering a bundle of their new X3-02 Touch & Type handset and Booklet 3G netbook …sorry, mini-laptop (worth a cool £589) for £40 p/m on T-Mobile, allowing even the most indecisive of Christmas shoppers to have their cake, and eat it.

Nokia’s entry last year into the burgeoning sub-notebook market received some high praise.  Whilst the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and 120GB hard drive initially suggested that it was just  another netbook, there were some distinctive features that allowed it to stand out amongst a sea of clones.

Nokia Booklet 3G

Critics were seduced by the sleek 2cm thick aluminium chassis, offering the same build quality as Nokia’s high-end handsets and its beautiful 10” 720p HD screen with HDMI out for connecting to larger TV’s and monitors.  The Booklet 3G is also fully mobile, connecting to the web via wifi or dedicated 3G SIM card slot, and running for up to an incredible 12 hours from one charge!

The only setback until this point has been the price; it’s currently retailing at £589.  That needn’t put you off this time around though, as Nokia is offering this for FREE… yes, gratis, with compliments, bundled with it’s X3-02 Touch & Type handset.

The X3-02 Touch & Type combines a 2.4” touch screen and the camera and music features synonymous with the ‘X’ series, whilst giving avid thumb warriors the accuracy and speed of a 12 button keypad and candybar format that we all know and love.  The X3 Touch & Type is a perfectly capable handset with great battery life that solidly compliments the expanded HD multimedia and productivity of the Booklet 3G.  Weighing a paltry 78g and measuring a svelte 9.6mm, its brushed aluminium body offers the looks to match the performance.  Expect effortless connectivity between phone and computer and tight integration with the built in Ovi apps and services.

This deal is available direct from Nokia on a £40 p/m 24 month contract with T-Mobile, which gives you 1200 minutes and 1GB data allowance.  The handset and laptop are available in matching white or black.  Omio has a full range of colours and offers on other networks available for the X3-02 Touch & Type on our deals pages.

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Philip Rust