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Nokia N9 Meego Slider Leaked In Video?

The Nokia N8 hasn’t even hit the shops yet but it’s successor, the N9 look like it’s already poking it’s nose out from behind the screen. This above picture was taken from what purports to be a leaked video teaser for the Nokia N9, which looks like a Nokia N8 with a sliding 4-line QWERTY keypad.

We doubt the video is a fully produced promo and considering the poor sound and spartan animation, it’s at best a draft of an idea, but it’s the sort of device we’d expect from Nokia as a follow up to the N8.

The jury is still out on whether the N9 will be a Symbian^3 or a Meego device, however.

Check the video out for yourself below and let us know what you think – real or fake? Hot or not?

Via Engadget

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Jon Rust