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LG Optimus 2x FREE on Vodafone £30 contract, release delayed till 21st March 2011

LG’s latest Tegra 2 wielding uber-handset the Optimus 2X set tongues wagging at CES 2011 with the prospect of not one, but two 1Ghz cores.  Soon after the reveal, Omio reported that Expansys had set a date and price for SIM-free pre-order.  Unfortunately the release date has been put back by a month to 21st March 2011, so you will have to wait an extra 40,320 minutes to get your sweaty hands on one.

At one Queen’s head short of a monkey, the (fairly justified) £499 SIM-free pricetag left wallets flapping and a few teeth gnashing. However, we are happy to announce that you can now pre-order the phone for FREE on contract with Vodaphone from Keep glued to Omio’s Deals pages for further price plans.  Currently, a 24 month contract on Vodaphone will be £30.65 p/m, giving you 300 cross-network minutes.  Or for £35.75 p/m you can double this to 600 minutes.  An 18 month option is available for £35.75 p/m with the lower 300 minutes allowance.  All of the available contracts have unlimited texts and 500MB data allowance.

The prospect of an Android handset sporting the processing power usually found in laptops was an HD afficionado’s wet dream.  Its just… so… FAST! The handset is fully 1080p capable, both for recording and playback of video, and gaming is likely to be a dream.  To make the most of the output resolution, the built in DLNA means that content can be effortlessly streamed over the air to compatible screens and hardware.  Now not even a dusty moth-ridden wallet can get in the way of ordering a handset so powerful, it could make Chuck Norris weep.

Keep checking back at Omio’s Deals page for more deals and tariffs on the LG Optimus 2x.

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Philip Rust