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T-Mobile launches 3 £10 PAYG tariffs, with extra benefits

tmobT-Mobile has introduced three more prepay contracts, where a £10 top up gives you more for your money’s worth – only for the following month.

First off is the ‘text plan’, where topping up this pay as you go tariff by £10 this month, gives you unlimited text messages next month. This is along with being able to use 100 text message right away, and of course, the tenner too.

The second new T-Mobile tariff falls under the name of ‘talk plan’. This comes with 100 free minutes to any landline or mobile phone numbers for the following month, if a £10 top-up is added to the account; which also provides 25 minutes to use straight away.

Lastly and by no means least, is the ‘international plan’ that offers a whole hour to call overseas and to 60 different countries, next month. This is the same as the other two, where £10 needs to be added for this to be made available.

These three new plans came in to effect today, for new and existing T-Mobile customers – who said Everything can’t be Everywhere. 

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3 Mobile In SIM Freebie Orgy

The sun is shining, Spring is here and 3-Mobile are going bonanza bananas with what is probably the biggest SIM-only giveaway ever.

Each free SIM works in any 3-Mobile or unlocked phone and comes with the following:

£10 Airtime

300 Free Texts Per Month

150 MB Internet Per Month- equivalent to checking your Facebook 150 times a day

Access to MSM Instant Messenger

U n l i m i t e d  3-to-3 Calls

FREE Skype Calls.

As they say in urban areas…. It’s ALOT!

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