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iPhone 5 Coming to Tesco Mobile: We Break Down The Costs

Tesco Mobile has released full pricing for Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 today, with 12 month contracts on offer.

Unfortunately, Tesco Mobile is not taking iPhone 5 pre-orders, but will be stocking them in-store as well as online. Those of you who absolutely must have it as soon as its released may not wish to wait, but those with a bit of patience and an eye for a bargain may wish to keep these tariffs in mind…

Also bear in mind that if you havent pre-ordered already, you may be in for a few week’s wait as the iPhone 5′s record breaking preorder figures recently doubled that of the iPhone 4s, with 2million sold in 24 hours.

If you aren’t familiar with Tesco’s mobile venture, then you can be safe knowing it piggybacks onto O2′s network, and has made a name for itself providing some of the more competitive mobile contacts going.

Here at Omio we have collated the available tariffs including the TCO total cost of ownership, for the handset and contract, over the course of the agreement, with the lowest costing contracts generally involving a larger outlay for the cost of the handset. You can compare the figures to the cost of other carriers here.


In the meantime, feel free to browse and compare a wide range of iPhone deals on Omio’s Deals page.




Sony Xperia T Free from £26 Per Month – Exclusive To Phones4U (For Now)

Phones4U, and their affiliates Dial-A-Phone have secured an exclusivity deal to stock Sony’s upcoming HD smartphone, the Xperia T, for now at least.

Free phone deals start from £26 per month, on Orange, with a mere 250MB data plan.  The best deal we can see however is this one, £28.50 on Orange Panther with 300 minutes, 3000 texts and a more substantial 1GB data plan!

This means fans who wish to buy the handset off-contract however, will have to wait until January 2013.

A source from Expansys, our favourite off-contract phone suppliers, have informed us that they have been unable to obtain stock of the upcoming Xperia T handset from Sony due to the time-limited exclusivity deal, but said that they will be trying their best to get hold of it as soon as possible.

Of the entire range from Sony, the Xperia T is the big daddy of the bunch, with a whopping 4.6″ HD 1280×720 screen and a magnificent 13MP camera as its unique selling point. Sony keeps things ticking along with a 1.5GHz Quallcomm MSM8260-A Dual Core processor, and the phone will ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for now.

The massive 13MP camera builds on Sony’s previous experience, utilising their Exmor R image sensor to get the best out of low light situations.  This snapper is also ready to shoot within one second from sleep, making it easier than ever to capture the moment. Video capture will be upto 1080p and the handset is DLNA compatible, so you will be able to wirelessly beam video’s and pictures through to compatible home hardware. One Touch sharing of files and wireless payments will be a doddle thanks to the included NFC chip too.

For a complete list of Xperia T offers, check our deal page HERE.

BlackBerry Curve 9320 Announced: Free On T-Mobile From £15.50 Per Month

RIM have announced an upgrade to their popular and affordable Curve range of handsets.  The BlackBerry Curve 9320 will have all the core functionality of that users have come to expect, although offer no real surprises.

Being an entry level classic BlackBerry, the focus here leans towards function and affordability over spec-sheet.  We have the usual 2.4″ screen and QWERTY keypad. Push Email, Facebook and Twitter integration via apps is present and accounted for, whilst the BBM service for instant, always-on communication now has it’s own button for easy access.

Onboard is an MP3 player with FM radio for music on the move, plus a 3MP camera with LED Flash for capturing moments when something bigger is out of reach.

GPS maps, and internet access also round off the ‘smart’ functionality, whilst global 3G compatibility, 512mb onboard with 32GB microSD storage and a good sized 1450mAh battery will mean that the Curve 9320 will travel well abroad too.

The Curve 9320 will run the latest version of BlackBerry OS 7.1, although it is unlikely that this will be upgradeable to the upcoming BlackBerry 10, which seems to be more geared towards touch-screen handsets.

T-Mobile are the first to announce availability of the 9320, offering it free from £15.50 p/m on a 24month contract.

This will net you 100mins call time, unlimited texts (flexible booster) and 250MB of data.

Alternatively they are also offering the handset off-contract for £149.99, making it a cheap and chirpy communicator, or a functional second handset.

Keep an eye on Omio’s deals page for offers on the BlackBerry Curve 9320 from other networks as they emerge.

T-Mobile launches 3 £10 PAYG tariffs, with extra benefits

tmobT-Mobile has introduced three more prepay contracts, where a £10 top up gives you more for your money’s worth – only for the following month.

First off is the ‘text plan’, where topping up this pay as you go tariff by £10 this month, gives you unlimited text messages next month. This is along with being able to use 100 text message right away, and of course, the tenner too.

The second new T-Mobile tariff falls under the name of ‘talk plan’. This comes with 100 free minutes to any landline or mobile phone numbers for the following month, if a £10 top-up is added to the account; which also provides 25 minutes to use straight away.

Lastly and by no means least, is the ‘international plan’ that offers a whole hour to call overseas and to 60 different countries, next month. This is the same as the other two, where £10 needs to be added for this to be made available.

These three new plans came in to effect today, for new and existing T-Mobile customers – who said Everything can’t be Everywhere. 

Check out all the T-Mobile deals at OMIO!

DEAL ALERT: Free Nokia Booklet 3G with X3 Touch & Type on T-Mobile £40 per month plan

Nokia are currently offering a bundle of their new X3-02 Touch & Type handset and Booklet 3G netbook …sorry, mini-laptop (worth a cool £589) for £40 p/m on T-Mobile, allowing even the most indecisive of Christmas shoppers to have their cake, and eat it.

Nokia’s entry last year into the burgeoning sub-notebook market received some high praise.  Whilst the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and 120GB hard drive initially suggested that it was just  another netbook, there were some distinctive features that allowed it to stand out amongst a sea of clones.

Nokia Booklet 3G

Critics were seduced by the sleek 2cm thick aluminium chassis, offering the same build quality as Nokia’s high-end handsets and its beautiful 10” 720p HD screen with HDMI out for connecting to larger TV’s and monitors.  The Booklet 3G is also fully mobile, connecting to the web via wifi or dedicated 3G SIM card slot, and running for up to an incredible 12 hours from one charge!

The only setback until this point has been the price; it’s currently retailing at £589.  That needn’t put you off this time around though, as Nokia is offering this for FREE… yes, gratis, with compliments, bundled with it’s X3-02 Touch & Type handset.

The X3-02 Touch & Type combines a 2.4” touch screen and the camera and music features synonymous with the ‘X’ series, whilst giving avid thumb warriors the accuracy and speed of a 12 button keypad and candybar format that we all know and love.  The X3 Touch & Type is a perfectly capable handset with great battery life that solidly compliments the expanded HD multimedia and productivity of the Booklet 3G.  Weighing a paltry 78g and measuring a svelte 9.6mm, its brushed aluminium body offers the looks to match the performance.  Expect effortless connectivity between phone and computer and tight integration with the built in Ovi apps and services.

This deal is available direct from Nokia on a £40 p/m 24 month contract with T-Mobile, which gives you 1200 minutes and 1GB data allowance.  The handset and laptop are available in matching white or black.  Omio has a full range of colours and offers on other networks available for the X3-02 Touch & Type on our deals pages.

Everything Everywhere announces Apple iPad prices and plans

Both T-Mobile and Orange have now separately unveiled their ‘more affordable prices’ for the Apple iPad, started from £199 with a £25 monthly tariff attached.

The two companies that make up EverythingEverywhere are selling the Apple iPad at a much lower cost than the Apple Store, who currently offers the 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G for £529.

Orange are also selling the other capacities of the Apple tablet, with the 32GB version costing £249 and the 64GB model being priced at £529 – where T-Mobile are only retailing the 16GB version.

Both networks are bundling in a 1GB data allowance for use at any time, along with another 1GB for off peak use.

No dates have been confirmed by either network as to when the Apple iPad device will be arriving, but the prices are a good start – now it’s Three’s turn.

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Three also to sell the Apple iPad cheaply


Three has announced they too will be offering ‘more affordable prices’ for the Apple iPad and on a contract, in an identical statement to both T-Mobile and Orange.

Three companies have now unveiled in the next few months they will be selling the iPad at a lower cost than the Apple Store can currently offer and on a contract too, in much the same way as mobile networks can afford to offer a £500 handset for free.

Three haven’t confirmed any prices yet, nor has Orange or T-Mobile but they at least have provided a link to register interest which Three haven’t as yet.

Out of all of the networks Three currently has the cheapest price for the 16GB iPhone 4, at nearly a third of the cost of the nearest competitor – where it’s been rumoured Orange could be selling the Apple iPad at £200.  

With this theory in mind, Three could very well undercut EverythingEverywhere and sell the iPad at £150 or even £100 as the iPhone 4 currently costs £499 from Apple directly. 

Check out the full range of Apple iPad deals at OMIO

Tesco Unveil iPhone 4 Deals, 12 Month Contracts Available

With iPhone 4 set to land tomorrow, supermarket giants Tesco have joined Orange, O2 and Vodafone in revealing its tariffs.

On the whole, the tariffs are in line with the competition for example a £45/m 24 month contracts requires £19 up front for the handset and includes unlimited minutes and texts. By comparison, on Vodafone a £45/m 24 month contract with 1200 minutes and unlimited texts will set you back £29 upfront for the handset. Basically, the Tesco tariffs saves you a tenner.

The key offering from Tesco is of a 12 month contract, something which no other network has yet offered on the iPhone 4. 12 month mobile contracts have all but disappeared and to have them on this latest handset is pretty unusual. The shorter commitment comes at a prices though: be prepared to pay between £249 and £429 to ensure that you get your iPhone 4 outright in time for Apple’s next mobile device.

Source: PocketGamer

UPDATE: Vodafone First To Announce UK iPhone 4 Prices (And It’s Gone!)

UPDATE: As quickly as they came, they were gone. Perhaps it was premature on Voda’s part…stay tuned for the official price plans from all of the major networks.

News has just come in on the prices of iPhone 4 and it is Vodafone first through the gates with details of their price plans.

As expected the 16GB version is significantly cheaper than the 32GB version, with prices of the 16GB handset ranging from £189 to free and the 32GB ranging from £280 to free, depending on your monthly commitment.

See below for the pricing scheme for the 16GB, on a 24 month plan from Vodafone:

For the 32GB plan, on a 24 month plan, the pricing is as follows:

If you’re looking for 18 month commitments, then just add £5 to each Plan Costs. The phone cost remains the same.

Hold tight for more information on pricing for the other networks.

O2 First To Scrap Misleading “Unlimited” Data Moniker

O2 have announced that they are doing away with the unhelpful “unlimited” data tags on their mobile internet packages, replacing them instead with a more transparent model that is tied to usage.

CEO Ronan Dunne said that the move was in response to customers demand for clarity in pricing as well as helping the network manage demand on the service and was confident that the new pricing would allow O2 to provide an overall better level of service.

All new internet packages from 24th June onwards would be subject to the below pricing structure. According to the network, based on current usage patterns, 97% of customers wouldn’t need to buy additional internet packages, as the lowest bundle (500MB) covers 2.5 times the average O2 customers use.

Existing Customers

Customers who already enjoy “unlimited” internet will continue to do so as a promotion until 1st October after which additional bolt-ons will have to be purchased costing £5 for 500MB and £10 for 1GB. O2 have promised that customers will “easily” be able to monitor their usage via regular text messages, although a more accurate measure would be to go to Settings>General>Usage. As a guide to usage, O2 have supplied this chart, which gives approximate figures for data consumption:

The new price structure is undoubtedly a win for consumer transparency and for the majority of users, the limits won’t be a problem, but if you’re a heavy user you’re going to have to take it easy on streaming videos and music or else be prepared to pay for the privilege.

More details on O2′s new data plans can be found here.