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Samsung gets ‘Into Your Space’: Printing’s Next Top Model?


At Samsung’s ‘Into Your Space’ press event in fashion-mecca Milan, Joosang Eun – Executive VP of Samsung’s Printing and Marketing division announced their intention to lead the market in colour laser printing with a sleek refresh this month to their entire line of A4 printers and A3 copiers.

Samsung’s tremendous success with the Galaxy S3 has cemented its reputation as a purveyor of the finest quality smartphones, rattling big boy Apple into a litigation and patent war that currently shows no sign of cooling off.

Samsung, not happy with unsettling one tech playground giant, are currently setting their sights on some other bigger boys, this time Epson, HP et al.

This dramatic renewal of their laser printing products displays an aggressive marketing strategy within the tightly fought enterprise business sector, and also moves into the small office / home office sector.



Whilst their top end A3 copiers and A4 printers are more likely to end up in large offices rather than your living room, Samsung have taken as many of the high end features, and squeezed them into a line of more affordable home or small office solutions. The CLP-360, CLX-3300, CLP-415 and CLX-4195 series’ offer printing speeds of upto 18ppm in both colour and black & white, and mirror the ergonomic space saving design of their more corporate cousins.

Dual processors in all except their smallest model (the CLP360) mean that printing and scanning can be processed up to 50% faster, with their top of their small business range, the CLP-415 and CLX4195 capable of an impressive 18ppm in colour.

Print and copying quality also receives a boost in the form of Samsung’s Rendering Engine for Clean Pages or ReCP technology.  Used in conjunction with Samsung’s new polymerized printing toner, this image enhancing tech ensures that printed lines are kept clean with minimal edge bleed and optimum clarity.

Samsung’s award winning Eco-Driver provides a simple way for users to monitor their energy consumption and also reduce their running costs by up to 10%, all at the single touch of a button. Samsung’s printers also run at no more than 1.5w in standby mode.

Samsung have also made wireless printing simple, with a free app available now for Android, iOS and even Windows Phone. Using this app, you can send documents stored on your phone, or even online storage like Dropbox, direct to the printer. The multi-function devices also allow for documents to be scanned and sent straight to your mobile device.

The CLP-365 and CLX-3300 are available now, whilst the CLP-415/CLX-4195 will be available at the end of the month from the 27th July. Samsung’s larger A4 and A3 printers and copiers range will be coming to an office near you from September.



Printing speed in B&W is a smooth 18ppm although colour lags a little at 4ppm. Despite this, the CLP-365 is one of the smallest colour laser printers ever released.  At 38.2 x 30.9cm it’s 27% smaller than anything on the market currently. It is available currently from around £120 (inc. VAT), so ideal for the home office. Printing resolution is 600×600, although there is a software option to increase this to 2400×600.





The CLX-3305 is the multi function relation to the 365, and in addition to copier, scanning and fax facilities, this model comes with a speedy dual processor running at 533MHz. Prices should start from around £200 (inc VAT). 




This device benefits from a greater (250 sheet) paper and toner capacity, with the same dual 533MHz processor. Colour and laser printing is at an impressive 18ppm. Print resolution is 600×600 but can be boosted to 9600×600 using clever software, although this will likely slow printing speeds.



This multi-function device brings all the features of the CLP-495 and adds copying, scanning and fax features. The CLX-4195 is released 27th July 2012 at an estimated retail price of just over £400.



Samsung A4 Printer Specifications:


Flipboard App Leaks: Flipping Great News Available To All Android Users


We were pleasantly surprised at the recent Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 event to see the innovative newsreader app Flipboard running on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Flipboard allows you to add RSS, Facebook and Twitter feeds into a bright tiled layout, and flick up and down to ‘flip’ rather than scroll through pages, making navigation a breeze.  It also looks great, folding the page in half as it flips, and especially making Twitter posts with images more visually presentable.

It was a great app to show off the S3′s huge 4.8″ HD Super AMOLED screen, and something of a talking point. Up until now this has been exclusive to, and an office favourite on our iOS devices. Whilst an Android release was rumoured as imminent, it was announced as a Galaxy S3 exclusive at the event, at least initially.

Now a version of the app has turned up online via the forum after user Falcho reported that he had simply extracted the program file from a review handset using AirDroid.

The app is currently working perfectly on a number of Android handsets, not just the latest ones, even the original Samsung Galaxy S gets some love,  meaning that you don’t have to upgrade just yet, to get a piece of the flipping pie.

Installation is as easy as dropping the .apk file into the handset’s internal memory (it won’t work fully from the SD card) and in the phone’s security settings, enabling the ‘Allow installation of non-Market apps’.

In addition to this, the same user has managed to upload the S Voice app, so Samsung Android users will also have a chance to try the Galaxy S3′s voice control functionality.  We’re not nearly as excited about this as Flipboard though, an app that actually improves the user experience rather than frustrates it.

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and wonder what all the fuss is about, head over to XDAdevelopers for more details.

For more details on Android handsets, including the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, check out Omio’s deals page.

Android Gets Its Very Own Sky+ App

Telly addicts with an Android Phone can rejoice as the platform gets its very own Sky+ application after the iPhone version attracted over a million downloads from the iTunes store.

The app allows owners of a Sky+ or Sky+ HD box to set recordings when out and about, a godsend if you’re the sort to suffer withdrawal symptoms if you miss your favourite programme.

The Sky+ app lets you browse through all the current SKy listings, select them through a genre-specific filter, or just search for a specific show. You can also set the box to record a single episode or series link the whole season.

This latest service marks a shift in Sky’s overall strategy for the mobile sector which has been decidedly iPhone centric. However, now that the success of the Sky+ app and Sky Sports Football Centre has confirmed the real demand for features such as Remote Record.

The new app is completely free to download but users must register for Remote Record before their phone will take to their Sky+ or Sky+HD box.

Source: Pocket Lint

Defence Firm Launches iPhone App For Missile Training

The Patriot anti-missile system now has its own iPhone app, devlooped by US Defence firm Raytheon.

Patriot Crew Drills is a simple multiple choice game, designed as a refresher tool for missile troops.

Don’t expect to see this in the App Store anytime soon however, the missile app will be kept away from the general public and is intended to help Patriot troops informed of new protocols when assigned to other duties.

Speaking to BBC News, Roopa Bhide, a spokesperson for Raytheon said that the app was made as a result of manpower shortages in the US military.

Raytheon also said that they would be developing other military apps.

The apps runs a soldier through the different steps necessary to assemble a Patriot anti-missile system, after which the soldier is presented with a scenario and 3 multiple-choice questions to answer.

Answer a question correctly and the app moves on to the next stage; fail and get a dressing down form a virtual Staff Sergeant.

Other military apps already developed include Bullet Flight, an app that helps snipers calculate the trajectory of bullets based on ammunition type, weather factors and other variables. The phone in this case is actually mounted on the side of the gun, enabling the shooter to see the target with one eye and the other on the app.

The firm added that future military-grade apps would include an app called One Force Tracker, which uses GPS to track the movements of friendly troops. The possibility of developing this to cover enemy movements and tracking them as targets is entirely possible, although it remains to be seen how this would be achieved.

WAR? It would appear there’s an app for that too!

Source: BBC News

Skype On iPhone Now Supports Multitasking Over 3G

After introducing an upgrade to their iPhone app back in May that allows users to make calls over 3G, Skype are now releasing a new version of the app that offers high quality sound and supports multi-tasking.

This means you can receive Skype calls while other apps are running, even when your iPhone is locked. During a call, you can keep the conversation going while you switch to another task, such as checking cinema timetables or reading a message. Skype have also updated the app’s graphics to make best use of the iPhone 4′s Retina display.

Download the new Skype for iPhone App to enjoy an enhance Skype experience!


New Social Music App Promises New Levels Of Fan Engagement

Today sees the launch of Mobile Backstage, a new socially-enabled music service and mobile app that lets artists and bands keep in touch with their fans.

On the surface, there’s nothing new about that, after all artists seem well versed at keeping us all informed of where they’re playing and what they’re thinking/drinking via Twitter and Facebook. However, Mobile Backstage boasts some pretty impressive levels of interaction, which it claims are in excess of those seen on Facebook or Myspace. Moreover it offers support for not only iPhone but cheaper Java-based handsets, which is a smart move, seeing as the target audience isn’t necessarily going to be of iPhone-owning age.

Dizzee Rascal has already given the app a field trial as have post-hardcore rockers Enter Shikari and emo outfit You Me At Six, who appear to be making good progress with the app already, so we decided to check what the fuss was about.

Mobile Backstage’s range of features include:

-  social interaction between fans and the ability for artists to share their experiences… for instance, moments on the tour-bus.

-  content management system for web and mobile that lets artists and labels to post band updates, images, video clips and tour dates

-  full integration of content from Facebook and Twitter

-  analytics & stats that provide insights into fans and fan behaviour

-  a Foursquare-esque feature which is enabled when fans ‘check-in’ using their phone’s GPS

-  iTunes Music Store integration.

The range of functions offered by Mobile Backstage are sure impressive and although it’s entirely possible that the higher interaction rates might simply be people exploring the new app’s functionality, Mobile Backstage offers do artists a neat one-stop shop for fan interaction and should be considered by anyone looking for an integrated solution for promoting a band / artist.

Stream Republic charges a one-off fee for the service, €990. For fans, the app is free to download.

7m Access BBC iPlayer Via Mobiles in June

The BBC has experienced a huge surge in mobile requests for the iPlayer this June, taking the total number of users to 7m.

This represents a 1m increase on the previous month, while total requests for the iPlayer across all platforms dropped to 117m, 13m less than the previous month.

The number of requests for the iPlayer via desktop computers fell from May to 86m, likely as a result of the summer sunshine though.

The boost in mobile requests might just have had something to do with the World Cup however and the by far the most popular live show was the England vs. Slovenia match, which attracted 317,000 requests across platforms.

Source: NMA

New Postcard App Lets You Send Printed Postcards From Your Phone

Honeymooners, backpackers and holidaymakers in general will all be thrilled to hear of a new app that let’s you send personalised postcards from anywhere in the world.

Smartphone photos taken anywhere in the world are sent to printers in deepest Dorset via FTP at 4pm daily and by 5.15pm they’re in the post. So whether you’re up a mountain, sat off around a pool or dangling your feet off the edge of a yacht, ecards allow you to rub it in the faces of those back home with startling immediacy. You can even input text to make a message to family and friends.

I suppose some of the charm of sending a postcard is the turning of the carousel, the rummaging around for foreign stamps, the search for a post office and all that. But as another option somewhere between sending a postcard and plastering up a picture to Facebook, ecards offer a great new service that let’s you send personalised messages, while allowing you to get on with enjoying your holiday. The Apple website already has it rated as in their top 30, so what’s to stop you from getting on board?

The app is free to download, First class pics cost £1.49 to send, while pictures sent 2nd class cost £0.99. All transactions are processed via PayPal. Currently the app is available on iPhone and Android.

The eCards app is available as a download from eCards Media.

Mobile Helps Spotify Past 500k Paying Subscribers

Music streaming service Spotify now has over 500,000 paying subscribers according to CEO Daniel Ek in a recent interview on Music Week.

The company’s £9.99 Premium service allows users to access unlimited music via the Spotify desktop client and a mobile app, which is currently available for Android, iPhone and Symbian.

“One of the unique assets and the reason why we have more than half a million people paying £9.99 a month for the [premium] service is because they actually use it as their primary media player,” said Ek, adding that Spotify’s aims to become “the music platform on the internet where you manage your music and then consume it on any device you want.”

The recent introduction of a £4.99 PC-only fee has actually driven people to the Premium tier due to its mobile element, said Ek.

Ek also confirmed that Spotify, which is live in seven European markets, plans to launch services in the US and Japan in the next few months. Licensing issues in Germany however mean that a Germany launch is some way off.


Orange Wednesdays App Available on Ovi Store

Orange’s famous 2-for-1 cinema tickets offer springs on over to yet another app platform, just as the summer blockbuster season is getting underway.

Nokia users can now make the best of the mid-week by downloading a new app from the Finnish manufacturer’s Ovi Store.

Last November, Orange launched the offer as an app for iPhone. Both apps now offer film reviews and trailers together with cinema listings and the ability to get 2 for 1 cinema vouchers.