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Skype On The iPhone Hits The UK: Update


Compared to the US and Japan, where the earliest reports came from, UK  iPhone customers haven’t quite taken on board so much of the Skype hype.

iSkype goes on sale in the iTunes store today, to UK customers but early reports were mixed with complaints of bugs and crashes. At the same time Apple’s partnership with O2 has done a lot to squash a the excitement that free iPhone calls, managed to generate in other markets.

But there is hope. The latest is that things are go smoothly for anyone running Skype on the latest non-beta firmware, with calls working over Wi-Fi rather than 3G. When using the app like this the audio quality is far better than you would find on any other third party apps.

If you’ve got Skype on your iPhone drop us a line and let us know “how it was for you”.

Sony Ericsson W595 Sakura: Latest In The Walkman Range


Sony have expanded their Walkman range to include a floral version of the Sony Ericsson W595, the “Sakura” edition.

The Sakura phone takes inspiration from the Japanese words for cherry blossom and good fortune. There are sketches of flowers on the front and rear of the phone and etched into the rear slider window. It has matching charms, a carrier pouch and ready-made floral themes that  react and change depending on the time of the day.

The Sakura phone joins the black, grey, pink and white handsets already available in the W595 range.

I’m not the girliest of girls so all this flowery stuff is a bit of an overkill but the big question for me is will it match the handbag?

Cellairis’ $7,000 iPhone cover


We spotted this afternoon and thought we’d spread the word.

These aren’t just more covers for your phone. US company Cellairis have a range of  premium protective shells for iPhones they’re also customised for every type of phone on the market.

They’re really nicely designed with the first real attempt at some sort of graphic design and artwork. My favourite’s the black and white heart one with what looks like an old sailor’s tattoo on the back.

Cellairis are licensed to stock them in other retailers now. They have a bunch of franchises in the States but now they’re licensed to sell them in other retailers so look out for them in UK stores.

They’ve made a special gold one for Vertu phones too. It’s priced at a very reasonable $7,000. Nice.