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O2 to get the Sony Ericsson Arc

Upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Android mobile will be arriving on O2 in April, according to the coming soon page for new handsets on the O2 website.

Sony Ericsson’s Arc is a 4.2-inch capacitive touch screen phone, which boasts a Reality display and Sony’s Bravia mobile engine with stunning image quality.

The latest handset from Sony Ericsson will ship with Android 2.3, with an 8.1 MP camera and a microHMI port for the playback of HD video onto a compatible screen.

Xperia Arc will effectively be replacing last year’s Xperia X10 phone, which was their lead mobile until rumours of the PlayStation handset surfaced – with a more recent rumour that it will be announced at Mobile World Congress.

No tariff details have been released by O2 for the Arc, but we’ll bring you more details as and when we have them.

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Orange join forces with Barclaycard to bring wireless payment to the mobile phone

The merged companies of T-Mobile and Orange have double teamed with credit card maker’s Barclaycard to offer near field communion money transactions, by the summertime.

There are over 40,000 stores on the high-street already geared up for the contactless NFC payment method, where just holding the phone up to the electronic reader allows for the payment of goods; in much the same way as the London underground Oyster card.

The shops currently running the Barclaycard near field communication scheme are Pret a Manger, EAT, Little Chef and soon the Co-Op, with many more being planned.

Orange will be the first to run with this new partnership and technology, with T-Mobile slowly gaining the ability within time.

A number of NFC enabled mobile phones are in production by many different handset manufacturers, where the most popular of which has to be the Samsung made Google Nexus S which replaced the HTC manufactured Google Nexus One mobile phone.

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Four new Android mobiles come to Samsung

GALAXY Ace (S5830) Product image (4)

Samsung is due to deliver more brand spanking new Galaxy phones in March, with the Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Gio, along with the Samsung Galaxy mini – all of which will be running Android 2.2.

The Galaxy Ace has a 3.5-inch 320×480 HVGA capacitive touch screen, a 5 MP camera and flash, along with a midrange 800MHz processor and a 2GB microSD card.

Samsung’s Galaxy Mini is a 3.14-inch 320×240 QVGA display based mobile, with a mid-range 3MP camera and a lower-end 600Mhz processor.

The Galaxy Fit has a smaller 3.31-inch 240×320 QVGA touch screen, also with a 5 MP camera only without the flash, along with the same 600MHz processor as the Mini.

Samsung’s Gio has a mid-sized 3.2-inch 320×480 HVGA touch display, with the same 3 MP camera as the Mini and the same faster 800Mhz processor as the Ace.

The mobile phone network Three has already said that it will be picking up the Samsung Galaxy Ace on their 24 month long £25 a month One Plan; which comes with 2,000 minutes, 5,000 minutes to any Three phone numbers, 5,000 text messages and an unlimited data allowance.

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HTC’s Windows Phone 7 mobile with a Qwerty keyboard, now free with Vodafone for £30 a month

HTC 7 Pro Expan Voda


The HTC 7 Pro mobile phone has appeared on the Expansys website, with 300 minutes attached, unlimited text messages and 500MB for web surfing – on a £30.65 a month tariff.

The handset is due to arrive on February 11th and is the only Windows Phone 7 mobile around with a full Qwerty keyboard, where all the others are just full touch screen devices.

Dell supposedly does have a WP7 mobile, with a keyboard, but there’s been no news as to whether it’ll be making an appearance anytime soon.

Dell has been very quiet on the matter since first mentioning the phone at the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launch back in October, where the HTC 7 Pro is most likely to be the only phone carrying the MS mobile OS with a keyboard for some time.

If Vodafone doesn’t rock your world or if you are already on a contract, the HTC 7 Pro can be purchased SIM free and unlocked for use on any network for £459.99

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LG Optimus 2x FREE on Vodafone £30 contract, release delayed till 21st March 2011

LG’s latest Tegra 2 wielding uber-handset the Optimus 2X set tongues wagging at CES 2011 with the prospect of not one, but two 1Ghz cores.  Soon after the reveal, Omio reported that Expansys had set a date and price for SIM-free pre-order.  Unfortunately the release date has been put back by a month to 21st March 2011, so you will have to wait an extra 40,320 minutes to get your sweaty hands on one.

At one Queen’s head short of a monkey, the (fairly justified) £499 SIM-free pricetag left wallets flapping and a few teeth gnashing. However, we are happy to announce that you can now pre-order the phone for FREE on contract with Vodaphone from Keep glued to Omio’s Deals pages for further price plans.  Currently, a 24 month contract on Vodaphone will be £30.65 p/m, giving you 300 cross-network minutes.  Or for £35.75 p/m you can double this to 600 minutes.  An 18 month option is available for £35.75 p/m with the lower 300 minutes allowance.  All of the available contracts have unlimited texts and 500MB data allowance.

The prospect of an Android handset sporting the processing power usually found in laptops was an HD afficionado’s wet dream.  Its just… so… FAST! The handset is fully 1080p capable, both for recording and playback of video, and gaming is likely to be a dream.  To make the most of the output resolution, the built in DLNA means that content can be effortlessly streamed over the air to compatible screens and hardware.  Now not even a dusty moth-ridden wallet can get in the way of ordering a handset so powerful, it could make Chuck Norris weep.

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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc Unveiled: Android Smartphone Brings “Reality Display”, Tapered Body

Sony Ericsson are continuing to fly the flag for cutting edge design with their ‘XPERIA’ range of handsets, unveiling the Android-powered Arc to an expectant crowd at this year’s CES.

The Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc promises the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system packed into a slimline form factor, complete with curved rear claiming to aid ergonomics no end. Measuring a svelt 8.7mm at its thinnest part, it certainly carves a nice line in aesthetics, but the specs prove that this new smartphone is no shrinking violet.

Leveraging Sony’s clout in the digital arena, the XPERIA Arc also touts a 4.2-inch widescreen touch ‘Reality Display’, complete with a BRAVIA Mobile Engine inherited from their TV expertise boasting richer images with deeper colours, as well as an Exmor R mobile sensor packing an f2/4 lens into the handset’s 8.1-megapixel camera.

With 8GB of memory (via an SD card) provided for music and movies, the XPERIA Arc could prove an eminently pocketable companion for those wanting a high-def snapper on the go, with 720p video recording.

Due for a Q1 2011 release across the globe (including in their native Japan), the slender Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc could continue Sony’s journey back into the hearts of mobile fans looking for a multimedia powerhouse.

LG Optimus 2X Now Available On Pre-Order: Dual-Core Handset Gets Release Date, SIM-Free Pricing

As CES 2011 announcements have begun to usher in a raft of technically superior smartphones, LG’s dual-core monster – the Optimus 2X – has been given a 21st February release date as well as a SIM-free pricetag on

Their own LG Optimus 2X page has the handset pegged for £499.99, a fair price to pay for one of the most powerful Android phones yet seen, packing two 1Ghz processors (meaning faster…everything, hopefully) and some impressive multimedia credentials with DLNA streaming as well as 1080p video recording and playback as standard.

With the need for mobiles to differentiate themselves from the competition more than ever in a crowded market, the turbo-charged LG Optimus 2X looks to be an early front-runner for popularity amongst tech-heads in 2011.

VAT Increase Pushes Up Cost Of Mobile Bills: How It Affects You

Today marks a rise in the cost of VAT in the UK from 17.5% to 20%, and it’s a price hike that will hit every shopper in the pocket to some degree. With everything from consumer goods to gym memberships due for a significant price hike, it is now a more pertinent time than ever to shop around for a decent deal. Shops on the high streets and websites alike have already changed their line-up to reflect these changes, but many are offering short-term deals and special offers in an attempt to redress the balance in your wallet.

Even the humble mobile phone isn’t safe, with all of the major networks taking the January 4th increase as an opportunity to pass on the cost to consumers’ bills and handset prices alike, with some passing on more than others…


The colourful network has been kind enough to freeze prices permanently on prepay phone deals and mobile broadband, whilst all pay monthly tariffs, deals and out of bundle charges will increase by the 20% VAT rise. Silver lining? Pricing for Orange home broadband is also on ice until March 31st, allowing for sans-VAT surfing for at least a couple more months.

Check out how the VAT increase will affect your Orange bill here.


All of O2′s pay monthly offerings, deals and out of bundle charges are subject to the 20% VAT bump, with the price of a text message rising from 10p to 12p. As for prepay, SIMplicity tariff owners have their prices frozen until the end of March, but the price of texts go up for pay as you go fans too, apparently allowing for other tariff charges to stay the same.

Full details regarding O2′s price changes here.


Vodafone have also jumped into the price rise party, offering much the same VAT-led increases to pay monthly and pay-as-you-go deals alike. However, they have introduced a new daily data rate of just £1 for 100MB, making things a bit fairer for those not currently with data in their plan (although not nearly as cheap as opting for a data bundle).

Go here to see an exhaustive rundown of Vodafone’s tariffs and changes, both pre- and post-VAT.


Whilst pay monthly subscribers ring in all of the VAT changes at the stroke of midnight on the 4th of Jan, PAYG consumers get a similar deal to those on o2 – the cost of a text is to rise (in this case from 10p to 11p), whilst all other charges remain fixed in place. Not too shabby…

Check out the full list of pricing changes from T-Mobile here.


Prices go up across the board for Three, with both pay monthly and prepay customers bearing the brunt of the 20% VAT increase in their bills.

Virgin Media

All deals have been rounded up for the 20% VAT, but the saddest part is the demise of Virgin’s £8.68 for 100 minutes and 100 texts pay monthly tariff, with a costlier £10.21 deal now residing as cheapest.

Check out Virgin’s pay monthly changes here.

As always, we say shop around for a good deal. 2.5% doesn’t sound like much, but for every call, every text and every new package you opt for, it could quickly add up if you are currently on a spendthrift’s tariff. Look at all of the costs associated with your preferred mobile deal, and do some comparative research before you buy.