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iPhone FaceTime video calling now possible over 3G

Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices can now use the FaceTime video-calling feature over 3G, by using the latest Skype messenger and voice software – which now has video capabilities built in to the new version.

The iPhone FaceTime video calling can still only be used through a WIFI connection, where the new version of Skype for devices running iOS 4 and above can be used to get around that limitation and for the very first time.

Video calling isn’t limited any more to just Apple to Apple devices either, as Skype can also be used to call a computer or laptop running Skype – where a webcam and the Apple front-facing camera can both to used for the callers to see each other over video.

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Microsoft sells 1.5 million Windows Phone 7 mobile phones



The head of Windows Phones has announced they have sold 1.5 million new handsets, running the latest Windows Phone 7 OS and in just 6 weeks!

Microsoft has shifted that large, large figure to retail outlets where the number between that and what’s actually sold might slightly differ but there won’t be the same number of unsold returned devices as there were with the Microsoft Kin. 

Windows Phone 7 has undoubtedly had a big impact for Microsoft, since the handsets went on sale on October 21st in the UK.

Microsoft threw their full weight at the launch, along with the various mobile manufacturers who all had phones only appearing on one particular network apart from Samsung – who has a handset appearing on three four mobile phone networks.      

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Google Nexus S Now Dated For December 22nd, Gets Price Cut To £429.99

Google’s second swing at an own-brand smartphone – the Nexus S – had been slated for release the 20th, but a recent release states that UK Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse stores will rather be delaying its sale by a couple of days to Wednesday December 22nd.

Better news is that the Google Nexus S is also making a last minute bid to slip into Xmas stockings, getting its SIM-free price slashed by £120 from £550 to £429.99.

Contract pricing has also been taken down a rung, making the Android-powered device available for free from £30 per month on a pay monthly deal. Prepay pricing is identical to the unlocked offering – £429.99 – albeit with a SIM card from your preferred network thrown in.

As for delivery, your best bet is definitely to pick one up before the 25th is by going down to your nearest store, despite the option of ‘instant shipping’ promising the device to your home by the end of the month…

Source: Carphone Warehouse

Three removes data cap from their One Plan Tariff

Three are now offering ‘no data limits’ to their One Plan, where Three customers can now download as much as they want from just £25 a month.

The One Plan used to have a data limit of 1GB and this has now been completely removed, to offer a true unlimited data allowance and not one that has a ‘fair usage policy’ with a network imposed limit.

Three brought out their ‘flat rate’ One Plan in July this year, with the view that there will be only one tariff at the end of the day to suit everyone and that’s that.

The One Plan does come with veritable array of goodies already – with 2,000 minutes, 5,000 minutes to any Three mobile phone numbers and a 5,000 text message allowance.

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Nexus S pre-ordering opens up

Carphone Warehouse is now taking orders on the Samsung manufactured Google Nexus S, on tariffs from Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone.

Google’s replacement to their Nexus One phone is available free for £35 a month over 18 months, with bundled minutes starting at 600 and stretching to 900 with unlimited text messages.

The Carphone Warehouse exclusive mobile has a curved 4-inch Super AMOLED touch screen, 16GB of memory, a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash and a front-facing camera, along with the new near-field communications feature.

Google’s Nexus S is the first handset to ship with the newest version of Android, 2.3,  also known as Gingerbread.

Carphone Warehouse also has the phone SIM free and unlocked for £549.95, where it’s also around on pay as you go deals with the same delivery date for later on in December on all contracts.

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Three to sell the Nokia Communicator E7


Three has announced it will have the Nokia E7 mobile phone on a tariff early next year, although no costs have been made public as yet.

The Nokia E7 has a similar shape to their N8 handset, only the E7 has a massive 4-inch touch screen and the Nokia N8 has a smaller 3.5-inch display – which isn’t accompanied by a slide-out Qwerty keyboard.   

Three already has the Nokia N8 on its network with a price attached of £35, with 2,000 minutes, 5,000 text messages and a 1GB data allowance – Omio believes a similar tariff will be bundled with the E7 handset.  

Traditionally, the Nokia Communicators have been aimed at the business world rather than at the consumer. Thanks to lines being blurred by those using BlackBerry phones for everyday use, the Nokia E7 could find its useful place amongst everyone these days.    

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DEAL ALERT: Free Nokia Booklet 3G with X3 Touch & Type on T-Mobile £40 per month plan

Nokia are currently offering a bundle of their new X3-02 Touch & Type handset and Booklet 3G netbook …sorry, mini-laptop (worth a cool £589) for £40 p/m on T-Mobile, allowing even the most indecisive of Christmas shoppers to have their cake, and eat it.

Nokia’s entry last year into the burgeoning sub-notebook market received some high praise.  Whilst the 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor and 120GB hard drive initially suggested that it was just  another netbook, there were some distinctive features that allowed it to stand out amongst a sea of clones.

Nokia Booklet 3G

Critics were seduced by the sleek 2cm thick aluminium chassis, offering the same build quality as Nokia’s high-end handsets and its beautiful 10” 720p HD screen with HDMI out for connecting to larger TV’s and monitors.  The Booklet 3G is also fully mobile, connecting to the web via wifi or dedicated 3G SIM card slot, and running for up to an incredible 12 hours from one charge!

The only setback until this point has been the price; it’s currently retailing at £589.  That needn’t put you off this time around though, as Nokia is offering this for FREE… yes, gratis, with compliments, bundled with it’s X3-02 Touch & Type handset.

The X3-02 Touch & Type combines a 2.4” touch screen and the camera and music features synonymous with the ‘X’ series, whilst giving avid thumb warriors the accuracy and speed of a 12 button keypad and candybar format that we all know and love.  The X3 Touch & Type is a perfectly capable handset with great battery life that solidly compliments the expanded HD multimedia and productivity of the Booklet 3G.  Weighing a paltry 78g and measuring a svelte 9.6mm, its brushed aluminium body offers the looks to match the performance.  Expect effortless connectivity between phone and computer and tight integration with the built in Ovi apps and services.

This deal is available direct from Nokia on a £40 p/m 24 month contract with T-Mobile, which gives you 1200 minutes and 1GB data allowance.  The handset and laptop are available in matching white or black.  Omio has a full range of colours and offers on other networks available for the X3-02 Touch & Type on our deals pages.

Google Nexus S Revealed: The Gingerbread Phone Cometh

After much rumour and speculation, Google has return to the mobile game with their second own-brand device, dubbed the Nexus S.

With Google leaving HTC’s warm OEM embrace for the Super AMOLED goodness of Samsung, the Nexus S immediately looks like a beefed up Galaxy S, albeit with some smart tweaks to give the first-party phone a unique twist.

Rocking a clean and uncompromising vision of the Android operating system, the Google Nexus S is a showcase of Gingerbread – the latest iteration of the search company’s mobile platform.

Whilst not the sweeping change that we are all eagerly expecting – 3.0 is due to land in the New Year – but Android 2.3 has a raft a smaller shifts to make the platform even more awesome to use. Attentive folks will spot the black notifications bar and slicker layout, but new adopters will warm to impressive and intuitive smartphone experience Android now offers out of the box.

Support for VoIP calling, a swankier keyboard and support for Near Field Communications technology on board (think Oyster Cards for London’s tubes, but by swiping a phone!) bolsters the sturdy frame of Android, with the Nexus S making it look all the more pretty on a curved 4″ capacitive WVGA display.

You read right, the glass screen of the Nexus S is made on an ever-so-slight wonk, with its Contour Display designed to fit ergonomically with both palm and face.

The slim plastic frame has a familiar ‘lip’ which also resides at the base of Samsung’s own flagship Android effort – the Galaxy S – making for an equally slender beast in the Nexus sequel.

It seems to address those few faults that we did level at the Galaxy S in adding a flash for the 5-megapixel snapper (with support for HD video), with the 1GHz Hummingbird processor making the uncut Android interface ever more swift and responsive to the touch.

16GB of flash memory storage means enough for those movies and music tracks, whilst the cream of Google apps have been given a revamp for the new OS. Youtube becomes far more mobile-friendly with in-page playback and a personalised homescreen, whilst additions include Voice Actions – an option allowing features across the device to be triggered by words alone (provided you have the correct twang in your accent).

Android mainstays like the Market, Maps and Gmail remain, making the Google Nexus S a bit of an all-rounder in the mobile stakes.

Having learned from their mistakes with the direct to consumer, online-only release of the Nexus One, this time Google are allowing the Nexus S is to be sold through retail stores from launch, with Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse garnering exclusivity of the device in the US and UK.

Priced from free on a pay monthly contract, it will also be available unlocked on our shores for £550, with Google Nexus S deals rolling out from the 20th of December.

The shrewd move to go with retailer rather than network exclusivity by shacking up with Carphone Warehouse means the Google Nexus S has a far wider availability to potential consumers this time around, whilst the freedom to opt for contract or SIM-free from launch is a refreshing option.

Google’s decision to take another swing at success with an own brand device rather than leveraging Samsung’s brand equity is an interesting one. With Microsoft and Apple both cooing over their proprietary platforms in Windows Phone 7 and iOS, perhaps Android’s voice has been lost in the litany of custom interfaces and disparate devices, a victim of its popularity and open-source nature.

If that’s the case, then the Google Nexus S is the rallying call, stripping all of the extraneous features and functions away to reveal a lithe and genuinely sexy device, yet one which is Android to the core, which they have dubbed “Pure Google”.

Already warmly received in early reviews, the Nexus S has the potential to sway those consumers unsure of Android’s potential, and could finally be that unifying flagship device that Google’s mobile platform has been desperately searching for.

Three announces the Apple iPad is available on a contract from today

Three is now selling the Apple iPad, from £199 on a £25 monthly tariff with a 15GB data allowance.

Three has joined both T-Mobile and Orange in selling the iPad from today onwards, at the same prices as the two parts of Everything Everywhere – only with a 15GB Internet browsing limit, instead of the 2GB that Orange and T-Mobile allow.

All three mobile phone networks have the Apple iPads at the same cost of £199 for the 16GB version, £249 for the 32GB model and £349 for the 16GB version with Apple selling the same 16GB for £529.

Three’s data allowance is clearly much higher than Orange and T-Mobile’s, for the same price and on the same tariff cost, which can be used at any time where 1GB of the 2GB EverythingEverywhere web surfing bundle can only be used in off-peak hours.

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Bargain Alert: Get One Month Of Free Line Rental On Any T-Mobile Contract!

With the iPad available from Friday on T-Mobile, now is a perfect time to also take advantage of a promotion running on the magenta-loving network, offering a month’s free line rental for January 2011.

This covers all 24 month tariffs currently available – including the iPhone – meaning a tidy saving on a new contract, as well as making for a New Year with one less bill to worry about!

You’ll have to be quick to redeem this offer, mind, as it expires on the 5th of December…leaving just a couple of days to shave a little bit off the cost of that new handset.

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