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Samsung’s First Windows 7 Phone Gets Named, Cetus Packs A Punch

Thanks to a tell-tale Bluetooth SIG entry, Samsung have indirectly confirmed the name of their forthcoming handset, the Samsung SGH-i917 which is to be North America’s first WP7 device. Precious few people have been able to get their hands on the prototypes that have been floating about, which led to much speculation as to a release date, but the roadmap we leaked earlier this month has the Cetus named and scheduled for a UK release in November.

Specs-wise, the Samsung Cetus is worth the fuss: it’s got a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen, 800 x 400 AMOLED display, 5 megapixel camera, a VGA front-facing camera, an FM radio tuner, inbuilt GPS, 02.11b/g/n Wifi, USB 2.0 and of course, Bluetooth. Whether the new Windows Phone 7 operating system is something to boast about is another story – intitial reports have been a real mixed bag, but we’d prefer to reserve judgment until we’ve seen the finished copy.

Still, no idea on pricing, but our fingers are crossed for that November release date!

iPhone 4 To Hit Three Network

The iPhone 4 is coming to the Three Network

Update: iPhone 4 is now available from the Three network!

The data-centric carrier have announced tariffs for both the 16GB and 32GB models, each of which includes a generous 1GB internet allowance.

The cheapest tariffs for both models start at £30 per month, which gets you 500 cross-network anytime minutes, 5000 texts and 5000 Three-to-Three minutes. The 16GB version costs £99 while the 32GB will set you back £189 to start with. Interestingly, there are no £35 tariffs and the only tariff that you can get a free iPhone 4 on is £45 per month.

No word on an exact date for when iPhone 4 deals on Three will pop up on Omio, but the network is offering a sign up to email alerts on their site.

In the meantime check out the below tariff listings:

Slingshot Phone Literally Hurls SMS Messages

For those of us losing interest in traditional forms of communication, we’ve just discovered a device which can send sms messages via a laser-powered ‘slingshot’. The device which also incorporates basic mobile handset functions allows the user to create their own augmented reality within their city as they blast messages onto nearby walls via a projector.

What else would you expect from a group that describes itself as “a collective of public media interventionistas”?

We’re sure it’s not intended as a replacement for your normal phone, but it’s certainly a novel way of interacting with a city environment.

Nokia X6 8GB Version Now Available

Nokia’s flagship media handset, the Nokia X6 is now available in a more affordable 8GB specification.

The Nokia X6 8GB features all the same smartphone specs as the cut-down 16GB and original 32GB models: 3.2 capacitive touchscreen, 360 x 640 resolution, WiFi 802.11 b/g, HSDPA enabled 3G, 5MP camera with Carl Zeiss Optics, ARM 434 Mhz processor and a media player which supports all the formats you need.

The X6 8GB is currently available on both Vodafone and the Three network, with tariffs starting at £20 per month which yields 300 minutes and unlimited texts, a significant reduction on the monthly prices for Nokia’s original X6 32GB.

Android Gets Its Very Own Sky+ App

Telly addicts with an Android Phone can rejoice as the platform gets its very own Sky+ application after the iPhone version attracted over a million downloads from the iTunes store.

The app allows owners of a Sky+ or Sky+ HD box to set recordings when out and about, a godsend if you’re the sort to suffer withdrawal symptoms if you miss your favourite programme.

The Sky+ app lets you browse through all the current SKy listings, select them through a genre-specific filter, or just search for a specific show. You can also set the box to record a single episode or series link the whole season.

This latest service marks a shift in Sky’s overall strategy for the mobile sector which has been decidedly iPhone centric. However, now that the success of the Sky+ app and Sky Sports Football Centre has confirmed the real demand for features such as Remote Record.

The new app is completely free to download but users must register for Remote Record before their phone will take to their Sky+ or Sky+HD box.

Source: Pocket Lint

Nokia Asks Consumers To Choose Its Next Phone

One-time best selling manufacturer Nokia has launched a bid to win over consumers by asking for their input in coming up with the ‘ultimate concept phone’.

This move comes after a string of disappointing handset releases from the Finnish manufacturer.

Nokia is asking its customers to decide between three designs for its ‘ultimate concept phone’ as part of its ‘Design By Community’ project.

Nokia’s recent fortunes have taken a nosedive in recent years and according to a July YouGov poll, the number of consumers considering buying a Nokia handset has dropped by 12% in recent months.

Nokia’s new project, which kicked off in March, asked consumers to submit ideas and concepts for a new handset. The response was huge, with 72,000 people submitting designs.

So far consumers have voted for a 4-inch capacitive display, open source operating system, unlimited multitasking, HDMI and 802.11 n/b/g WiFi connectivity, Dolby Surround Sound, an 8MP canera with 4x optical zoom and HD video recording.

The winning sketch will be translated into a 3D render and be displayed on the Nokia Conversations blog.

Source: Mobile Today

HTC Codenames Leaked?

As a parting gift, Conflipper from outgoing online resource Shipped.ROM has dropped a trove of HTC codenames, none of which we’ve heard of before, but still names we expect to be hearing quite a bit of in the future.

As is common with previous HTC codenames, these have a running theme (in this case of music and dance). Hence we get the Salsa, the Sing, Maestro and the Tango. This all fits rather nicely with the mysterious HTC Mozart and Schubert which, it is thought, well run on Windows Phone 7.

The HTC Motion, Blitz, Sage & Vienna are also mentioned, but seeing as they don’t follow a musical theme these could possibly run on another system, probably Android. Of course, these are all subject to changes and codenames are usually changed before handsets go into product (the Desire was initially known as the Bravo).

Nevertheless, we can’t resist a codename leak, just so we can keep an eye on the handsets as they go through development.

Via: Dialaphone

BBC Launches Mobile News App

Who says the licence fee doesn’t deliver? Today sees the launch of the BBC News app, initially on the Apple iPhone and iPad, with versions for other platforms due later in the year.

In a blog post the Beeb’s app director, David Madden, outlined the functionality that users can expect from the new apps which aim to put the latest news from BBC journos into the palm of your hand.

The app includes the BBC’s top Stories, UK & International news, Business, Politics, Health, Education, Science and Environment, Technology and Entertainment stories as well as Features and Analysis from correspondents around the world.

Scroll sideways through each news category and move up/down to access more content. Pulling down on the interface allows you to refresh the stories. A neat personalisation feature then lets you re-order the categories to your preference.

The app also has a latest news banner to keep you up to date with breaking headlines and the BBC News Channel streams live to your phone to keep up with the latest news items.

Of course there’s the usual array of sharing functionality, so that you can pass on anything that interests you to friends on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, or even just via email.

Finally landscape view gives you a handy way to skim through headlines without drilling down into the actual article.

iPad users will be pleased to hear that the iPhone app has been replicated for their tablet-based enjoyment. Click here to see the Beeb’s video demo of the BBC News iPad app.

Users of other platforms might be feeling left out after all that, but the Beeb assures us that versions for Android and Blackberry will follow later this year.

In the meantime, we’ll take this opportunity to remind you that a while ago the BBC developed a series of launcher apps to give you quick access to the BBC News BBC Sport and BBC Mobile websites on Blackberry series 4.3 and above phone.

Crackberry addicts might do well to check those out while you wait for the new app. Additionally, if you own a BB Bold 2 (9700) or a Storm 2, then you can download a short cut app for BBC iPlayer from that page as well.

Defence Firm Launches iPhone App For Missile Training

The Patriot anti-missile system now has its own iPhone app, devlooped by US Defence firm Raytheon.

Patriot Crew Drills is a simple multiple choice game, designed as a refresher tool for missile troops.

Don’t expect to see this in the App Store anytime soon however, the missile app will be kept away from the general public and is intended to help Patriot troops informed of new protocols when assigned to other duties.

Speaking to BBC News, Roopa Bhide, a spokesperson for Raytheon said that the app was made as a result of manpower shortages in the US military.

Raytheon also said that they would be developing other military apps.

The apps runs a soldier through the different steps necessary to assemble a Patriot anti-missile system, after which the soldier is presented with a scenario and 3 multiple-choice questions to answer.

Answer a question correctly and the app moves on to the next stage; fail and get a dressing down form a virtual Staff Sergeant.

Other military apps already developed include Bullet Flight, an app that helps snipers calculate the trajectory of bullets based on ammunition type, weather factors and other variables. The phone in this case is actually mounted on the side of the gun, enabling the shooter to see the target with one eye and the other on the app.

The firm added that future military-grade apps would include an app called One Force Tracker, which uses GPS to track the movements of friendly troops. The possibility of developing this to cover enemy movements and tracking them as targets is entirely possible, although it remains to be seen how this would be achieved.

WAR? It would appear there’s an app for that too!

Source: BBC News

Skype On iPhone Now Supports Multitasking Over 3G

After introducing an upgrade to their iPhone app back in May that allows users to make calls over 3G, Skype are now releasing a new version of the app that offers high quality sound and supports multi-tasking.

This means you can receive Skype calls while other apps are running, even when your iPhone is locked. During a call, you can keep the conversation going while you switch to another task, such as checking cinema timetables or reading a message. Skype have also updated the app’s graphics to make best use of the iPhone 4′s Retina display.

Download the new Skype for iPhone App to enjoy an enhance Skype experience!